Who was this band?
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Help me remember a song, out around 1995 or 1996. It was by a rock band with a male singer. Haunting, sort of creepy voice. The thing I most remember was the music video. It featured a girl in her apartment, and a creepy/stalkerish but handsome guy going up the to her apartment. She answered the door, and then it ends up with a slow speed chase up to the roof, where I the music video ends in sort of a cliff hanger. It was a tall apartment building, with an elevator. The male singer was shown on screen in cut ins throughout the music video. I think the singer was shown to be in the elevator, but not interacting with the woman or her stalker. I can sort of remember one line of lyrics, sort of along the lines: I only sleep at night, surrounded by my lies. And for some reason I think the name of the band had the name of elements in it, but that might be totally spurious. Also, I think this was their only song that received much attention. Not much to go on, but who was it?
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Sorry, should have chopped up into paragraphs.
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Something makes me think the video your thinking of had a character named Nick in it. And the word blood was an important part of the lyrics.

If it's the same song, I hate it because it used to get stuck in my head and it wasn't that good.
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Yeah, it wasn't all that good. Mostly this is a matter of exorcising the song out of my head.
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Gravity Kills - Guilty?
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Woops, no, it's Stabbing Westward, "What Do I Have to Do?"
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It's not Stabbing Westward, unfortunately.
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I thought "Stabbing Westward" too, but the video I remember with a stalker in it was "Shame"? The couldn't have TWO videos with stalkers in them, could they?
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Maybe "What Do I Have to Do" by Stabbing Westward? Although Gravity Kills sounds possible too... my google-acity is failing to find any confirmation for either.
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wow... (blank) minds think alike...
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It is Shame. That's excellent. More then once in the last ten years I've looked at Stabbing Westward, only to stop at What Do I Have to Do.

Sorry to have doubted you signal, and thanks IvyMike.
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The reason I had such a hard time doing lyric searches, was that it's:

I only see myself, reflected in your eyes

And not

I only sleep at night, surrounded by my lies

I am so so happy. Thanks so much, everyone.
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FYI, you can d/l that particular video from iTunes.
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I just did, thanks. I am surprised how much I got wrong in my memory.
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Ha. For real trivia points: What movie was this song/video connected to?
(God, I was on the Stabbing Westward mailing list then...)
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Looking around IMDB, is it Mortal Combat? I hope it's not...
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