Finding Butter in Seattle
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Let's say that you live in Seattle and want to do a taste-testing of fancy "butters from around the world"... where would you go to locally procure these butters?

(You should assume that I already know about Whole Foods, PCC, QFC, etc... I assume that I'm looking for local gourmet foodie shops. Who's got the goods? I'm willing to drive around the Puget Sound region in pursuit.)

(Also, specific butter recommendations appreciated if the recommendation also comes with a local place to purchase. i'm sure I can buy anything online, but would like to purchase locally if possible.)

(Also, Also.... not sure if this needs to be said, but no nut-butters, vegan butters, or other faux-butters, please.)

thank you.
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I would call and ask The Chef Shop. I've had a really good vinegar and olive oil tastings, and they often offer samples of what they sell.
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Metropolitan Market
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Agrilicious has a good listing of local butters from various sources in Seattle. Also, I'd try DeLaurenti in the Market and possibly Beecher's (though I haven't been in there for so long, I'm not sure if they offer butters in addition to cheese).
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a butter to try: Burro Arborea from Sardinia, unsalted one, tastes of the herbs the cows eat, or did 20 years ago
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Make sure to get some goat butter!
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Look for some Vermont Creamery butter if you can find it. 86% butterfat. Your cookies will melt in your mouth.
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Big John's PFI has some butters. I wanted to mention (since I made this mistake more than once while trying to find a butter I liked) be sure that if you're looking for a salted butter that it either says salt in the ingredients or is marked salted or unsalted. I was looking for some to spread on toast so I wanted it salted, but I ended up with some unsalted and it was ewww on toast.
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There is two types of goat's milk butter, the first smells and tastes wonderful, the second smells like a billy got in the pen with the girls or the milk wasn't cooled quickly and kept cool before separating the cream. The second type is good for hiding your pets medications in.
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Haggen in Bellingham sells huge bricks of Amish butter which is delicious. Maybe at other Puget Sound area Haggens too?
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I've seen bricks of Amish butter (1-2 pounds) at the Red Apple in the Central District on Jackson.
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Golden Glen Creamery, near Bellingham, has great butter and really nice folks.
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Seconding Big John's PFI!
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Central Market, in Shoreline, has some good butters: French, Danish, Amish, etc. Off the top of my head I can't think of any there that I haven't seen elsewhere, as well, but it would be worth calling to see if they have any local or more obscure ones.
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Seconding Metropolitan Market.
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Another vote for Big John's PFI (it can be a little tricky to find, if you don't know the area in SODO behind the stadiums). Les Prés Salés with Camargue sea salt is my favorite.
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Thank you all for the PFI reminder. It's been probably 20 years since I've been there. For some reason, I thought they had closed years ago. Maybe "Big John" took over, as I don't remember that being part of the name before.

Nevertheless, I just picked up a large sampling...(including a goat butter)

Thank you.
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