How far do you please your inner Neanderthal?
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When eating meat off ribs, chicken, etc., do you basically leave the bone clean or leave arguably valuable bites on a bone you're "done" with? My spouse leaves what seems to me as precious extra bites on his chicken (R) compared to mine.

I accepted this as a quirk between us, but then during Thanksgiving, we noted a similar discrepancy between my sister and BIL. The bone ends that my spouse/BIL leave unnibbled have greater surface variation, crispiness, and spices, so I can't imagine why you would pass this up? We do not dine under duress that would demand faster eating. I also feel like there's a degree of primal satisfaction from getting a bone as clean as reasonably possible.

I'd like more data points to get a better idea of "normal" amounts of bone strippage.
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Team #CleanBone here. Though often it feels like the reward is not worth the labour.
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I leave the bone clean. However, an equitable solution to this is that husband #wastesmeat gives up his bones to me and then I clean them and everyone is happy.
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#sloppyBoner here. What am I, a vacuum cleaner?
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Frugal household growing up. #cleanbone
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Gristle is not meat. Team sloppy boner.
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Team #cleanbone despite

Though often it feels like the reward is not worth the labour.
Agreed. (I especially hate when I accidentally get gristle/cartilage, ugh.)
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The mere thought of eating the ends of chicken bones makes me want to retch. Bone in pork chops? That bone comes no where near my mouth. Yuck.

I love eating marrow and will definitely eat beef ribs clean. I'm aware this make no sense, so perhaps it is the length of cooking time? The meat next to the bone on pork chops and chicken tends to be less well done. Also, the very idea of chicken bones is so gross.

I also eat Carpaccio and Tartare. Hmm. So I say it's part species, part doneness of the meat, and 100% personal preference.
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My niece explained her meat leavings on chicken wing bones as being because she hates when she bites into that vein or tendon or whatever it is and it snaps back. She leaves a lot behind.
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I could have written jbenben's comment word for word. Sorry folks, there's gonna be stuff left stuck to the bone! That's so I don't start gagging at the table.

But yes, tartare and carpaccio, different story. Yum yum.
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#sloppybone - the ends are frequently nasty gristle and the other less-than-appetizing meat bits. I also tend to internally weigh the labour cost vs the tastiness of what's remaining. For the right meal I will join clean team #cleanbone, but it's really gotta be worth it.
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Gristle and fat are gross to me. Cartilage uggggh. I eat the meaty bits that come off easy and call it good; if I wanted efficiency I'd eat boneless meat and if I wanted to be truly low-waste I'd not be eating meat at all. This is for when I am served bone-in meat and it is rude to decline. #sloppyboner.
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#cleanbone, because it satisfies my need to keep eating without adding a lot more calories.
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(Also, the one pictured on the left still has a lot on it. I strip those suckers down to the thin layer of oh-so-delicate sheathing on the bone).
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#cleanbone here; I wonder if there is a correlation to growing up poor like I did? IE we had chicken foot soup anytime we slaughtered our chickens.
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My natural inclination is towards the sloppy boner, but growing up I would get scolded for it all the damn time. When it got to the point where my dad would take the "finished" bones off my plate and gnaw on them I switched to team #cleanbone just so I wouldn't have to watch him do it (eewww). Which I suppose was his intention in the first place. Parenting!
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Sloppy Bone, see y'all at tha crossroads.

I chisel all the leftovers off after dinner and it goes into El Doggo's dish.
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But what you're eating is left over fat and skin, definitely not low calorie. Get in, get meat, get gone.
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I'm grossed out by gristle to the extent that I sometimes gag if I accidentally eat some, so I never leave a clean bone.
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There's probably someone who could figure out the caloric difference between someone spending 30 minutes removing every bit off one chicken drumstick vs someone eating just the meaty parts of 3 drumsticks.

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I was yelled at in a restaurant and grounded at age 8 for leaving too much on the bone, so put me down as conflicted.
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Grew up poor. Clean bone. But I don't eat pure fat or cartilege.
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I eat all the fat and gristle, because that's the most delicious part.
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Great ask! My mum also told us that if something had wings, you could eat it with your fingers, and thus, you should clean it to the bone. Then it turned out that there were flying pigs and lamb. That's how my my mother thinks. If you didn't clean the bone, you were wasteful and snobbish. I don't force my kids to do this, but in my mind, I want to
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Fanghorn Dungeon LLC cleans the bone. I get bored and annoyed by trying to tease out every little bit, plus I don't want the gristly or fatty bits, so I don't. My plate will look just like your photo.
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Ribs, clean bone. Chicken has all the nasty veins and cartilage and tendons and stuff, ew. I leave my chicken bones like your pic.
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Depends on how tasty the meat is and how hungry I am.
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Clean bones for ribs, gristle left for chicken parts (less than in your picture though), gnaw on pork chop bones like a dog.
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I don't particularly like the sensation of eating meat on the bone, so I typically leave some stragglers behind just because honestly who cares, it's like a tenth of a full bite. I also typically will leave behind gristly or hard-to-get-at bits, because life is too short. #sloppybone
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I practically polish bones. I find getting bones as clean as possible to be deeply satisfying in a way similar to bubble wrap.
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My mom wouldn't like me to say I grew up poor, but chicken was a treat when we got it. Team clean bone here. Not the ends of drumsticks which do tend to be skin and cartilage, but the tender meat close to the bone definitely goes in the mouth.
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I go both ways, depends on the day and the meal. This was not your question, but I hope for the sake of your marriage you are not giving your spouse grief about the way they eat as that way lies madness.
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Never a clean chicken bone. Ew, no. Chicken gristle, chicken veins (UUUUGGHH), and chicken fat are all gross.

But ribs? Pork chops? Lamb chops? A bone in rib eye? If it's any good it should come with a gd privacy curtain.
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Eating every last morsel is too likely to result in sauce and grease on my clothes and/or face, so I leave bones raggedy. MrDrGail then cleans them off, leaving them on his plate. (Oddly enough, the first MrDrGail did the same thing. And so did my father. I'm stunned to learn that so many female MeFis are Team Clean Bone, and their men Team Messy Bone.)
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I can't even remember eating a piece of meat with my hands in the last 30 years and never realized it until this question. It's not something I've given any thought to at all but now that I do, I realize that the idea of gnawing on a bone with my teeth is just gross to me. ESPECIALLY chicken bones! They're so . . . slippery. They remind me of garbage at a KFC. I realize this makes me sound like "Mr. Pitt eats his Snickers bars with a knife and fork" which is odd because I'll eat pretty much anything and don't have any other weird food hangups and am not very fastidious at all in the rest of my life. So there you go, I'm even further to the right than your husband and BIL.
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I grew up poor. You bet I clean all the bones. If they are chicken bones I'll throw them in the stock pot with the carcass afterwards too.

Also I am a little paranoid that if I tried to get the meat off with a knife and fork I'd accidentally slip and send bits flying into my dinner neighbours' faces.
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Sloppy boner. The risk of biting into gristle, tendon, whatever isn't worth the possible reward to me.
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Of course, you should clean the bone! And Miss Manners agrees (sort of).
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Team CleanBone here, while my husband is a definite SloppyBone. I just like all those bits, especially the cartilage. And while American chickens aren't quite as satisfying, I remember the chicken I grew up with in India had a lot of marrow. I remember that my grandmother hated my bone chewing habit, and would tell me that there was no chicken shortage and that there was plenty more where that came from. But that didn't really stop me. I feel especially this way about lamb chops.
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That stuff at the end of the chicken bone has the texture of some sort of weird mix of plastic and silicone rubber. It's fine if people want to tease out the last strands of meat. I'll be moving on to the next drumstick. I suppose it's also fine if people actually want to eat that rubbery/plasticky stuff too. Just don't make me watch you doing it.
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My personal inclination is to Team Cleanbone: if there's anything edible there, I'll eat it (which could help explain why I'm fat....); however:

I also have a strong inclination to proper manners (hoo boy, did Mom insist on good manners!), and that means that among other things, one does not make observations or comments on what your dining companions do or do not leave on their plates. So, since this isn't any kind of starvation situation where eating or not eating those last tiny bits will make a real difference, I'd ignore it.
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I eat all the tasty parts, so definitely skin, but not gristle or fat. At least sometimes, there is more flavor closer to the bone also, so the people leaving it all behind are missing out. So I am towards the clean end of the spectrum, but not to the point of polishing them spotless.

But I draw the line at cracking the bones and slurping out the marrow; the taste is great but the texture isn't. Since my partner likes the insides the best, I pass her my bones and let her have the marrow, and we both feel like we are coming out ahead.

so many female MeFis are Team Clean Bone, and their men Team Messy Bone

The jokes are writing themselves today.

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Clean bones, husband not as much. Growing up in our family we'd also pull out the tail meat when eating shrimp and fight over the Chicken oysters/Pope's nose. He thought both were a little weird (hadn't even heard of the oyster before), but now doesn't waste shrimp anymore (probably just to humor me). So different eating philosophies from childhood have carried over. He does like bone marrow though.
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On Sunday afternoons during graduate school, I got into the habit of eating at a little family-owned Chinese restaurant near my group house.

I hardly ever saw more than two other sets of customers there at that time, and they seemed to go out of their way to make me feel welcome and comfortable; I usually ate quite a bit and tipped generously. I almost always had the same server, whom I guessed to be a son or nephew of the family, and in high school.

They had excellent short ribs, and one day as I was getting all the meat off the bones I happened to nip off a chunk of bone; it was surprisingly soft -- and tasty. So I, um, ate all the bones of my double order of ribs.

I tried to be nonchalant, but when my server came and was loading up the empty plates to take back, at one point his head jerked up and he looked me full in the face, eyes wide -- at which I flushed. But nothing was said.

However, a couple of months later as I was paying my bill at the cash register and handing him back his tip, he casually said "well, you broke the record; smashed it, in fact. You drank at least 19 full glasses of ice water!" Now that was embarrassing, but I have no regrets about the ribs.
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I'll eat as much as I feel like as long as it continues to taste good, so not the gristle and such. But if I plan to make stock, I'll leave on more meat so the stock gets its flavor.
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They had excellent short ribs, and one day as I was getting all the meat off the bones I happened to nip off a chunk of bone; it was surprisingly soft -- and tasty. So I, um, ate all the bones of my double order of ribs.

I'm pretty sure what you were eating was cartilage not bone - bone doesn't really become soft in that way. And if it was indeed cartilage, you were supposed to eat it - the cartilage on short ribs when braised for a long time becomes really soft and unctuous.
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Some combination of my food-texture-issues and my slight overbite makes it really unpleasant for me to go after every bit of meat. I would rather get a larger order of ribs and live with some wastage, or just not have as big a meal, than pry every bit of meat off the bone.

My mother remains convinced she screwed up in some way to raise such a child, who does not strip rib bones properly. I figure if that's the worst black sheep character trait I have, I grew up okay.
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I have eaten many, many short ribs, and I think I know what rib bones look like, peacheater, but I appreciate your effort to exculpate me.
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I don't eat any birds or mammals except cows and I strip cow bones clean. Yum.

My son started eating prawn tails the crunchy, uh, exoskeleton I guess? we both do that when we have them now. Also deep fried prawn heads are good.
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Team CleanBone, for sure. I eat everything except hard cartilage, tendons that fight back and the actual bone, although I sometimes semi-accidentally crunch through the finest rib bones on a chicken. It's partly because it all tastes good, and partly because if I commit to eating an animal, I commit.
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I am Team Sloppybone, to the point I pretty much only use cutlery, take off a bit of meat, then give the bone to my partner who not only is Team Cleanbone but Team GnawAndCrackBone, and TeamJustEatTheWholeWingTip. He is mildly disappointed sometimes when I slow cook a thing well enough that it all slides off the bone, because he doesn't get the pleasure of gnawing.

I sometimes can't eat in the same room. I will make him wings and then retreat to a safe distance from the crunching.
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I'll eat the meat out of shrimp tails and suck the insides of crab claws and crawfish and gnaw on pork and beef bones. Chicken bones, however, are not cool. I get as close as I can, and leave the rest. So, TeamDependsOnTheBone.
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Team #CleanBone here give me all the fat & gristle it's my favorite bits. My husband was team #wasteful until he started to get properly cooked meat dishes now he's all about the meat near the bone. His mother was of the cook everything on high and until it's like leather school of cooking.
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Eat it all. Chew and suck and lick that bone until it could feature in archeological dig photos.

I love this question, because my partner routinely leaves heavenly deliciousness on his plate, whether insufficiently addressed bones or sauce or what have you, and it just seems like madness to me.
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I avoid meat with bones whenever possible because I really do not like the gristle and tendons. #TeamMessyBone if I have to, otherwise #TeamBonelessChickenStrips or #TeamJustASideSalad.
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Clean the bone. I find gnawing on bones strangely gratifying and may have been a hyaena in a past life.

Also can we please not use the phrase "sloppy boner", thank you.
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Gristle, fat, and tendon are repulsive and I live in a land of plenty, where I do not have to eat them.
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It's repulsive. I have to repress a lot of stuff just to be able to eat meat at all. And I definitely grew up poor. There were many, many dinner table fights about me not eating.
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In public I do about like the cleaner bone in the photo. At home I scrape every scrap of meat off with my fingernails and boil the remains for stock. Mmmm. Stock. I used to keep a freezer full of rotisserie chicken carcasses just for stock.
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Okay, now I have actually looked at the photo and gee, maybe I am closer to your version of #cleanbone. Even I, lifelong repulsed by gristle, tendon, etc., would eat more meat off the bone on the right. I was expecting yours to be stripped bare, but it looks reasonable.

I grew up with war baby parents, one of whom was Chinese, and not much money, so we ate all kinds of interesting, um, "specialty meats" and the state of my plate was always a battle. My parents were allergic to waste but insisted on serving me lots of meat. I had to be coaxed to eat much meat at all, especially chicken on the bone. Ugh.

Now, slow cooked meat that falls off the bone is fine with me. Maybe because the collagen etc breaks down?
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I am sloppy bone until BBQ ribs of any nationality are involved. The husband is clean bone to the point I get castigated and he is "finishing" my pieces. He does the same on the children's plates.
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My preference is to eat like you but since I got veneers on my front teeth I have to tread carefully around bones. I still get closer than your spouse, though.
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Team #sloppy bone, despite growing up poor. I hate the feeling of eating with my fingers in the first place, and eating meat off the bone is a sensory annoyance to me rather than a pleasure. I can minimize that annoyance by steering clear of bone. My favorite thing-with-bone-in is my mom's pork ribs, because she cooks them in some kind of magical way that the meat just pulls cleanly off the bones without any struggle. I don't have to gnaw, and I don't have to feel bad about waste-age.

But in general I avoid eating stuff with bones in it, period. I'm happier with boneless breasts or chicken strips, if we're doing bird.
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Definitely team #cleanbone. I'm also a bangup chicken-carcass picker. Then again, I'm pretty open to all sorts of non-Western frugal food parts, some of which--such as chicken or pigs feet or tendon--are nothing BUT skin, gristle, etc.

My kids are/were the most wasteful of bone-in meat eaters imaginable, though, to the point where I would just take the meat off the bone for them so they wouldn't waste half it, even when they were in high school.
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That is way too much meat left on them bones.

Does he eat them with his hands/teeth or with knife and fork?

Maybe a better knife might encourage him to make more of his food.

If hands/teeth, perhaps a frank visit with a dentist may be useful.
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The best meat is closest to the bone.
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Clean bone. In my mind, a creature died so that I could eat it. Leaving something behind seems disrespectful.
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Team CleanBone here. I didn't know this was a thing, so thank you. Now I need a rotisserie chicken to debone.
Ummm, eating cubed chicken in stuffing mix, baked in the oven, while sitting in front of the space heater while it snows.
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Leaving meat on the bone gives me the same feeling as throwing away perfectly good leftovers: GUILT, because it's wasteful.

I used to be much pickier but eating with people who eat every single part of the animal that they can made me feel kind of ridiculous and spoiled and so I more or less got over it. Now I polish those bones. It is not disgusting.

I do not, however, crack open chicken bones to suck open the marrow (not strong enough), and I don't eat the eyes (not everyone does). Feet are okay, but a lot of work and I'd rather someone who likes them get them.
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Clean, spotless bones. Any animal, any preparation.

I didn't grow up poor, but my mom and grandma did. They taught me how to eat bones.
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I'm easily grossed out by meat, so I dislike eating meat off bones... no ribs or chicken wings for me. I'm the person eating boneless buffalo wings at the bar. However, my mom and my husband were both raised by immigrant mothers, and they're card-carrying members of the Clean Plate Club.
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Oh actually, I will clarify: I am team CleanBone unless it is a bone that can be consumed by a dog, in which case I become team SloppyBone and give it to the puppers.
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Team CleanBone. Gristle and cartilage are meat-flavored gum. Marrow is meat-flavored butter.
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I'm pretty close to #cleanbone but I don't crack the bones for marrow and leave some of the thicker bits of cartilage on chicken bones of all sorts. Occaisionally from steak or pork chops I'll finish the bones for Ms nobeagle, but I don't/won't finish what my kids leave. In the same breath, I have to mentally talk myself down from having a screaming, scolding fit seeing the amount of meat that my kids tend to leave on bones; especially steak. Admittedly I was raised in a "clean plate" household. Looking at your picture, I'm definitely clean bone; I mean there's skin(!) still on those - that's not even a half-assed first pass.

For whatever reason the amount of meat/skin the kids leave remaining on chicken bones doesn't annoy me. I'll also never finish off Ms. nobeagle's wings/chicken.

There's definitely some primal level of satisfaction for a job well done that ping's in my head for having clean bones.

Sometimes in the past when there's extra, I've denied a child asking for seconds because they clearly haven't finished their first, and then take the last steak/chop. Ah, good times. No, they've never gone back for what they still have on the plate.
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Team #jacksprat -- I don't eat the gristle and fat (gross!) and my husband happily gnaws on whatever I have left.
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Oh, yeah, my dad used to suck the marrow out of chicken bones. As a kid who grew up devouring steak tartare and gefilte fish jelly and basically copying everything my dad did, this should have been right up my alley. I think it was the sucking sound. I should give a try. A quiet try.
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All this talk of "disgusting" gristle and cartilage makes me want a steaming bowl of Pho Dac Biet.

Team pristine but unbroken bone. I dont de-tail the shrimp I eat either.
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I eat all the meat, but I avoid the cartilage on chicken pieces (though I will dismantle pieces to get hard to reach meat (bone in chicken breast that includes the back and shoulder bone, always split chicken wings to get the meat hiding between the two bones), but for me, chicken cartilage is meant to be used in nankotsu karaage (deep friend chicken cartilege is delicious) or making soup. Things like pork or beef bone-in steaks or chops, ribs, etc are like scorched earth warfare, I'll gnaw the bones (or if I'm in a place where that would be tacky, I'll gaze longingly and curse social norms).

For shellfish though, eew, no shrimp shells for me, and soft shell crab seems weird and terrifying to me.
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I hate the taste of fatty bits or gristle, so I am team messy bone all the way! The beau is team clean bone, but he eats anything.
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always split chicken wings to get the meat hiding between the two bonesq

That little part is good! Here, let MeFi favorite D.B. Wong show you the cleanest, easiest way to eat a chicken wing. [Video w/descriptive text in article.]
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