Seeking solutions for cracks in homemade soy candles
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I've been making soy candles and have run into a small problem. I've poured the wax too soon/quickly and it has shrunk and cracked when it dried in the cups/jars. I'm looking for solutions to fix this please. Would putting the candles in a warm oven work? Pour new wax over? I can't find an internet solution so far, only what to do different for the next batch.
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I'd just remelt the candles and try again.
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Anyway to work with it by pouring a contrasting color of wax over, so that it fills in the cracks for an interesting look?
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Is the cracking just on the surface? The general advice is to reheat the surface with a heat gun and let it reset. If it's come away from the sides of the containers and you can see it, then I don't think heating it in the oven would melt it enough for the wax to reattach to the sides but it might be easier to try that than to completely re-melt the batch and start again. But that is another option. Reddit has a dedicated sub for candle-making which I found useful when I was learning to make soy candles recently so maybe you could ask this question over there?
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I have had this happen and just pour new wax over the top. It has worked great for me.
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