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One new iMac. There were two old iMacs, separate user accounts. How to add the separate external time machine backups on this new computer?

Let me know if I need to add more info. Thanks!
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Assuming they have not removed it from the most recent versions, run the Migration Assistant (you can launch it from the little search magnifying glass in the upper left hand corner; just type in "Migration Assistant") and follow the prompts.
Use Migration Assistant to transfer information (data, computer settings, and apps) to this Mac from another Mac, a Windows PC, a Time Machine backup, or a disk. You can also transfer information from this Mac to another Mac.
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The problem is you have two Time Machine sources & one destination. If you do a full Migration of both, whichever is done last will potentially overwrite some of the first. You can avoid this by doing a limited Restore of just the home dir contents of one of them onto the new system instead of a full Migration.
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Most of the online resources are geared to merging accounts, but I gather you want to preserve the separate user accounts on the new iMac? This isn't a direct answer to your question, but this description of using Migration Assistant to serially create new accounts on one computer from the same Time Machine drive seems reasonably pertinent, that is, you might serially launch Migration Assistant on the new iMac and each time present a different Time Machine backup for as many user accounts as you wish to transfer. The "one destination" problem shouldn't be true if the destination accounts have different names.
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Yes, goal is to preserve the 2 user accounts.
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Found a clear HowTo at this link

How to transfer multiple Time Machine backups accounts to a single new Mac
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