Holiday movie memory
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I was thinking holiday thoughts, and a movie memory came to the surface after many years of dormancy. The only thing I remember about this movie was that it was about a black youth who was asked what he wanted for Christmas and he said "I want me this cat I found".

Then I think the cat was killed or something and it was a real tear jerker to a nine year old me. It must have been early to mid 70s, and I think it was "made for TV". This memory is so vague that I'm not even sure it wasn't a dream. I may be conflating this with another movie from the same period, but I seem to remember a scene where a bird was stoned to death by cruel children.
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IMDB says it is 1969's J. T., a TV movie.
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Wow, Thanks! I seriously thought that it was so obscure it would be a lot harder to find. Never underestimate the hivemind.
I suspect that actually finding a copy to watch will not be that easy, so if anybody actually watched this, you are welcome to share your memories of it. Going to check youtube now.
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For what it is worth, I remember reading the book.
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The kids stoning the bird was from a 70s movie called A Girl Named Sooner, also on YouTube.
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