Streaming, interesting Christmas music
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We are having a Christmas party tonight and I hate the Christmas standards that have been playing 24/7 since the day after Thanksgiving. I was supposed to download some interesting music (any genre) but didn't so we will be streaming something. Is there anything better than the generic Pandora station?
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There are 4 different Christmas-themed streams on SomaFM.
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Assuming there's some Christmas music you like, maybe set up a playlist in Spotify.

A Pandora station might not be too bad if you seed it with lots of interesting things.
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Have you tried the Indie Holidays Radio station on Pandora?
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There are some good "indie Christmas" lists on Spotify. I'm really enjoying the Christmas album Kacey Musgraves released this year, and the She & Him Christmas albums from this year and 2011 are good, too.
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Jimmy Buffett and Mannheim Steamroller are Christmas classics in my family. There's also some great Christmas jazz compilations that can spice up a playlist.
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I like Q2 Music's Holiday Channel.
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...oh yeah, click on "Holiday Channel" in the top menu to make it play that channel.
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Spotify and Pandora both have classical christmas playlists. We like the Elfman scores for Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands (it is too a Christmas movie, damn it) for holiday parties, and I think both of them are streaming free if you have Amazon Prime (and probably on other services too).
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Completely off the wall: All I Want For Christmas is a Goat.
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You might try a UK Christmas playlist... I found one on Amazon Unlimited, don't know about other services. There are some great songs that are standards over there, but most people here haven't heard.

Here's a listicle with a Spotify playlist embedded.

My fiancé from Scotland was playing Fairytale of New York (Offensive language warning) by the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl and said 'remember when this was on the radio all the time' (because it's been in the top 20 13 times on the UK charts) and she literally didn't believe me when I said it was never a hit here, and that most Americans probably haven't heard it.
posted by Huck500 at 10:21 AM on December 17, 2016 [1 favorite] is playing xmas remixes right now...also their new video channel (look for the tv with color bars) is totally rad.
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I had started collecting slightly off-the-wall Christmas music into a YouTube Playlist. You're welcome to it, for whatever that's worth.
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Pandora has a Hipster Holidays channel that's pretty good.
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Radiooooo has recently added an "Xmas island" to its map, up between Greenland and Svalbard, if you're interested in their particular flavor of cultural time travel through music.
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One of my favorite Christmas albums in recent years is Over the Rhines' Snow Angels. I can stream it on Amazon Prime music, not sure about Pandora. Definitely a little on the melancholic side, but beautiful.
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I know you've had your party but for future reference, or, if you're having a second party, why not a Motown Christmas playlist? So dreamy, just as festive, and not at all the same five songs that are overplayed in every damn place this time of year.
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I meant to link the whole playlist
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