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A close friend has recently been missing our student days together in Oxford. I'm sending her a Christmas gift, so I was thinking of including something small that would remind her of the city. What should I send?

I know there's a bunch of stuff sold in the usual tourist shops (university jumpers with logos and the like). I more had in mind gifts that are less university-centric, like something from Ben's Cookies in the Covered Market.

For reference, the friend in question is mid-20s, female, particularly interested in baking and crafts.
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Maybe an admission to the Ashmolean Museum? I was there, and you can request going in the back and looking at prints of Julia Margaret Cameron, it's really cool. You wear white gloves, and get to look a her prints of notables like Tennyson.
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In a similar vein, the OU Museum of Natural History had wonderful Dodo gifts for sale when I was there - eg dainty bone china cups with dodos on them. Everybody likes a Dodo, right? Can't find the mugs right now but here's a Sterling Silver Dodo Charm.
Also: an extra fancy edition of Alice in Wonderland? I remember some nice 'Alice' themed gifts as notepads etc.
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Make an origami boat, stick a few bits on to turn it into a tiny paper punt, include a chopstick, and send it with a can of Pimms and lemonade.
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Can you get something from GnD's?
GnD's reminds me so much of student life in Oxford.
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Hm... Could you draw her a map or make her a video?
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In addition to sending something, you could go to the cake shop in the Covered Market and take a few snapshots of whatever cakes are on display there. The last time I was there, they had a cake shaped like the Sheldonian. I think they change them from time to time. If you're a decent photographer, you could also take pictures of places where you used to hang out, and have a calendar made.
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You could send her a copy of Gaudy Night.
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