Easiest way to sell my Macbook Air?
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I have a late-2010 model Macbook Air that I'd like to sell. It's in good condition. What is the easiest, most reliable way for me to sell it, avoid scammers, and just get money in my pocket as painlessly as possible? Thanks!
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If top dollar isn't your priority, something like Gazelle is almost certainly easiest and most reliable.
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Pawn shop?
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I have used Gazelle twice and Mac of All Trades once (just based on who has the highest price) and both were easy and painless. Obviously the prices were lower than selling direct on CL, but it was worth it to me to not deal with weirdos and flakes. There are other, competing services, and it is super easy to open a bunch of tabs and compare prices.
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Swappa is a good place.
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Like the other folks said, if it's easy/low-risk for you you'll get less money, if it's harder/higher-risk you'll get more money.

I normally use Ebay for this kind of thing; it's a good combination of ease and money.

If you want easier and less money go with one of the suggestions from supercres or Dip Flash.
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If you do something like Craigslist, meet at your bank and get cash and deposit it immediately. Absolutely no Venmo unless it's from a trusted friend.
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I bought my Macbook Air on Craigslist and met in a public place with cash in hand. Same with the Macbook before that. Very easy and straightforward on my end.
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I've sold computers pretty easily on Craigslist. Ask for cash only and meet in a public place near a bank.
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If you're willing to do Craigslist, another good way to meet in person is to do it at a local police station. The stations in LA have ATMs right in the lobby which can be super handy for a situation like this.
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Yep -- you want a place for the buyer to be able to test it, and a nearby bank so you can see the $ being withdrawn. Try not to make out like the buyer's a crook -- mention stuff like "I'll be sure to bring it fully charged, and I know where there's a coffee shop in the mall with outlets so you can make sure the cord works" and make clear that you're interested in covering not just your own bum. Dodgy folk are not interested in spending any time with you at all, much less sitting down somewhere, having a good look, and then going to a teller.

You can cut out a huge % of dodgy buyers by deleting people with throwaway e-mails that are too too throwaway (people might not want to use their work mail for CL, that's fine, but a mail from "nickname" can be questionable), stupidly low-balling (though if you get LOADS of those, double-check your pricing), or very, very badly written (u got computer u want to meet? and worse). Your ideal CL buyer has a normal e-mail with a name, a polite inquiry, questions about your specific item, and is open to all non-sketchy meet-up spots.

Pawn shops are "I need $ NOW to pay a bill (or buy dubious stuff)" places -- and, while they have their place, you will not get a good return at all; anything with a middleman is going to give you a smaller amount of $. EBay comes with its own set of hassles and fees, and the sweet spot here for effort expended/$ made is going to be a local sale.

Clean it up -- make it sparkly -- bonus points if you still have a box or manual or anything else that came with it; show this in the ad.
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The way I just sold an old MacBook was super simple. I just followed Apple's instructions. When you use Apple's vendor for such things you get an Apple gift card, though - not cash.

I've used Gazelle to sell old iPhones and that was very easy, too.
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