Can't connect to spotify over wifi on phones (both Android & Apple)
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Our family is unable to connect our phones to Spotify over wifi at our home We can both connect over data. My search has given me the answer that this is issue with our router settings. But from there I am lost....

The instructions on the Spotify help pages are pretty opaque to me so I searched how to change the firewalls on a Netgear router and found these instructions but when I log in to my router and click on advanced settings/security I don't see the firewall settings anywhere on the left panel. We have a Netgear WNR1000v4 router and I couldn't find any instructions specific to this router.

(We are able to login to Spotify over wifi on both our windows and apple laptops.)

I am wary about messing with these settings and messing up connections to life-giving internet. Am I looking in the wrong place or are there more model specific instructions out there? Or maybe I should be looking at a different solution.
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