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Have the analogy/stereotype jokes related to programming and OSs ever been updated? Examples follow...

There was if operating systems ran the airlines, which was pretty cool but it came out around 1996. There's also if programming languages were cars, which has gotta be 25 years old (updated here, nice try but lacking obvious big-name languages like Delphi). In a related vein, there's also the real programmers list, but except for the language sections it's just geek stereotypes (which I'm not looking for).

So, have any new jokes of this type surfaced? I still find it entertaining to peruse over new, exotic, and sometimes mysterious technologies with the use of stereotypes and funny analogues.
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"Hello World", written by programmers at different levels.
posted by driveler at 12:09 PM on January 7, 2006

It's old and it's not really programmers but I always liked If Microsoft Made Cars.
posted by TheRaven at 12:13 PM on January 7, 2006

That 'hello world' link by driveler reminded me of this: How to tell your personality type from your code.
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best i can think of is evolution of a haskell programmer. not exactly what you want, but at least fairly up-to-date (and moderately exotic).
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The Daily WTF
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bash = rollerskates. I dunno about that.

To me it feels more like a remote control for your army of hundreds of little RC cars.
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