balanced news sources for a South Australian
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Following on from my concerns here, what daily/weekly/monthly print or radio news sources would you recommend for a South Australian in metropolitan Adelaide who flicks through The Advertiser six days a week and is concerned that he is getting only that newspaper's slant on things?

I don't have a TV, and already spend too much time online at work, so I'm wondering about print or radio journalism.

It needs to be through a South Australian lens, primarily covering local and national news, with a particular focus on political news, but also with a reasonable amount of international news and general local cultural news. Minimal tabloid content.

If it's radio, I don't want to be tuning in throughout the day; I would prefer to schedule just a half-hour program a day, or a one hour program once a week. It would have to be an evening broadcast (after 7pm) or broadast on the weekend. I have access to local FM and digital radio.
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You should be scared.

891 ABC breakfast with Matt & Dave, the half hour they do from 8:30am-9am. Available as a podcast 30mins after air.

InDaily electronic newspaper (subscribe for free, gets delivered around noon every Mon-Fri)

Adelaide Review - free monthly publication available from bars / cafes / libraries.
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How about the Australia edition of The Guardian?
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Missing the SA lens, The Saturday Paper might otherwise satisfy your needs for national, political & international news.
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Not entirely serious but on instagram @shitadelaide have surprisingly informative local news and politics coverage as well as their usual pisstakes. They have a Facebook page too if you're not on insta. Definitely an antidote to the Tiser.
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