Printable or e-gift cards for someone moving to Manhattan?
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A friend is moving to New York (likely Manhattan) in the next few weeks, and I would like to send her off with a gift certificate she can use once she gets there, preferably for a restaurant/bakery/gourmet food store. I am having trouble finding places that will let me buy and print gift certificates online -- any ideas?

I am unfortunately an ocean and many many miles from New York, so having something mailed to me is not an option right now. I would also really like to give her something before she goes, as a going away present, rather than have something sent to her there once she arrives.

So far my google skills are failing me. I looked at Zabars and Dean & Delucas but they seem to only have in-store buying options, or mailed gift certificates. The only thing I've found so far that has e-gift certificates is Grub Hub, which will work if nothing else is available but isn't quite what I wanted. She likes pastries, fancy coffee, fancy tea, cooking with interesting ingredients, etc.

She will be working on Madison in the 50s, and doesn't yet know where she will be living but is probably shooting for a studio somewhere in Manhattan. So I would like to stick to places that are not too far out, in case she doesn't make it often out to Brooklyn or Queens, etc.

Thanks for your help, Metafilter!
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whole foods does online gift certificates.
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The absolute best option is Murray's, but their cards ship USPS. Would it really be so bad to send it to her in her new home? Imagine how nice it would be to open up mail in a strange new place and find some love inside. And that way she wouldn't have to worry about keeping track of the print-out during her move.
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Does anybody like freshdirect anymore? I would have loved a gift card from there when I lived in Manhattan...
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Fairway is a local grocery store chain and it looks like they do online gift cards.
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Kalustyan's! On 28th and Lex. Every spice you could ever want. Email then print certificate.
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Just chiming in to say that Kalustyans is amazing and is more than just a spice shop. It's a wonderland and they've just expanded recently. It's also pretty easy to get to from her work location.
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So I also had a question similar to yours and was looking for Gift Cards as well for NYC for a gift. Just wanted to let you know the Kalustyans gift card only works on their online store. FYI!
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