Shopping for An Online Photo Gallery
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I want an online photo gallery. I want to either show all photos at full resolution, or else display thumbnails so small that viewers are compelled to expand to see much of anything. And I want "full resolution" to be generously large and nice. I also need to do fairly extensive captioning (create live links, etc). Can anyone recommend an online service that would fit the bill?
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Can you say a little more what you mean by "full resolution"? For my cropped sensor DSLR, even a 4K screen doesn't have enough pixels to display a full photo a full resolution.
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Response by poster: Don't need monster resolution - nothing crazy, I'm no photography nut. I just don't want it constrained to the usual mass-market limits - inevitably just short of what's needed to see detail. Hope that's reasonable albeit vague! :)
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SmugMug might work. I use it for photo backup, so I know it'll let viewers access the full size image without issue. Lengthy captions shouldn't be a problem, but if by "live links" you mean HTML, you might need to play with their templating/customizations.
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