Feelings are Dumb and Should Be Hated
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Looking for recommendations of articles like this subject of a recent FPP -- Emotions are Work -- with certain features.

Is there anything like this article that is written from the male perspective? Not just something where a man writes about emotional regulation he did for another, but more like an article where someone explains how they came to recognize the dynamic presented in the original article? Alternatively, something that does the emotional labor of presenting itself in a way that might encourage recognition?
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On perceiving the existence of an unequal dynamic: Damon Young's "Men Just Don't Trust Women. And This Is a Problem." Snippet: "I realized I don’t trust my wife...But you know what I don’t really trust? What I’ve never actually trusted with any women I’ve been with? Her feelings."
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Dr. Nerdlove aka Harris O'Malley wrote at least two articles on what it's really communicating when men call women "crazy" and the type of damage it can do. Nico Lang over at Thought Catalog also wrote a good one about a similar subject.
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Adjacent to your query, maybe this FPP?
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