Affordable ways to add chat to an iOS app
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I was using some chat software in my app called Sendbird until the price went through the roof. Does anyone know of any low-budget alternatives for giving you the server part of chat?

Layer has also shot up in price recently. I have found some nice front-ends on github, but was wondering if anyone else does what these chat websites do: to give you an API and a brain that keeps track of who is chatting with whom, who has what avatar head, what push notifications to send out...

Or do people typically just do this with IRC or XMPP easily enough, and are these SaaS services just an unnecessary middleman to those?

I see from Metafilter history that as of 2013 you could use Google Talk but I think they might have dropped this feature.
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Can you tell us more about your app?
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I think Discord has an API that might be worth looking into.

Yes IRC isn't bad either, but it's not as full featured. The major advantage is that it's established. You can have chat channels on a private server as a context that people can subscribe and publish to. Make all rooms +M for moderated so no one can chat, unless you give them +V. Things like that.

It'll get hacked pretty quick though; I don't remember IRC having good authentication.
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