Where can I buy Soley brand (Icelandic) shampoo in NYC?
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That's pretty much the extent of it: where can I buy Soley brand (Icelandic) shampoo in NYC?
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Maybe someone at Iceland's consulate-general here knows.
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I'm not saying it isn't available in NYC, but they don't appear to have a US retail location. You're aware that they sell and ship internationally, yes?

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Icelandic friend says . . . . look on the website of Icelandic Airlines' duty free store, and you might be able to order it (non-duty-free) online from them. And they do appear to have online ordering.
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Thanks! The Soley site won't let me bill to my address, but deliver to another, which makes it more expensive and slower to send this as a present, but maybe it's the best option. The duty-free shop appears to have online ordering only from (or to?) the duty-free store of departure (am I doing it wrong? I can't get past that step of the ordering process).
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