Need food delivery service in Miami near Jackson Memorial Hospital
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My co-worker's wife suffered a near-drowning incident while on vacation, and is in ICU at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. Her husband and daughter have found temporary accommodations near the hospital. We (in Northern Virginia) would like to help the family by pre-paying for a food delivery service in the area. The hospital cafeteria page links to the web page of Doorstep Delivery, which unfortunately is not in operation at this time. Can any Miami-area MeFites direct us to a reputable food delivery service in the area? Thanks.
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Best answer: I have great luck with DD. Just called and verified this is the number for Jackson-area delivery .

Midtown Miami Delivery Dudes
Grocery Delivery Service
Miami, FL
Open until 4:00 PM

+1 (305) 570-4424
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Best answer: I'm not in Miami, but I have purchased Seamless gift cards in the past and it looks like they serve Miami.
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Best answer: Can anyone at the nurse's station, or the hospital social worker maybe, make suggestions?
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Response by poster: Thank you all for these responses! I passed them on to our project manager, who was making the arrangements: but the best news now is that they may not be necessary, because our co-worker's wife is out of intensive care and is expected to be coming back to Virginia sooner than expected.

I so appreciate you providing the information so quickly!
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