Radio shows or frequent sports news podcasts, with and for women?
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Every morning between 7 and 8 a.m. CST I listen to Mike & Mike for general sports news. However, the relative lack of women on the show, plus the advertising directed 100% at men, leaves me with an irritating "this is not meant for me" feeling. I'd like to find something else, if it exists.

Mike & Mike is the only sports show on in my market, New Orleans, at that time, as far as I know (please correct me if you know something else). I like the breadth of coverage in terms of not being limited geographically or focusing on only one sport, and that it is always current. I like to hear analysis of last night's game and current sports events. I don't like the lack of women journalists and analysts, or the constant "buy your wife 1-800 flowers" ads. Do you know of any live radio or very frequent podcasts that are hosted by at least one woman that can fill my morning sports hour? Online radio is fine, as long as I can access it pretty easily on my phone. I listen to Katie Nolan's weekly podcast and show, which I like, but they're too infrequent. I listen to Spain, Jane and Kate and associated podcasts, but again, too infrequent. The key is that it really needs to be news, so live broadcast or a very recently recorded podcast. Any ideas? Or alternately, should I be giving Mike & Mike more credit or leeway in terms of inclusion of women? Are they pioneers of feminism in sports journalism and I'm just not aware of it? Thanks!
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Keith and the Girl is co-hosted by a woman (Chemda Khalili; her spouse is trans and the show is very inclusive of LGBT perspectives), has a lot of female guests, and comes out almost daily. There is not a ton of sports coverage, though.
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The Slate sports podcast, Hang Up and Listen, tries to include both women's sports and female reporters. It's only once a week but does cover general sports stories more than results of specific games so only some of what you're looking for. Actually, they usually have a call-in show at some point in the year and this might be a great question for them.
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If you're into college football, Ringer University's CFB podcast is hosted by Mallory Rubin. The series is pretty new, so their basketball coverage might expand to the women's side at some point.
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ESPN's "The Jump" NBA podcast is hosted by Rachel Nichols. TrueHoop (also ESPN) has mostly male panelists, but Kaileigh Brandt is a regular on the Friday mailbag podcasts, which are hilarious.
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This is going to be a long shot, but I wouldn't recommend it if it wasn't great: for a $15/mo subscription, you'll get access to the premium podcasts of The Black Guy Who Tips, which includes Balls Deep Sports, a weekly podcast hosted by Rod (the black guy), his friend Justin and frequently joined by Rod's wife, Karen.

So it's an expenditure, but you can listen to their free main podcast to get a sense of them (Rod and Karen co-host), and while it's not completely by women, Rod and Justin are a real respite from the bro-y, hammy, retrograde attitude of most sports shows.
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