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I've just been given new designs for a site I maintain that's are so much cleaner and easier to follow than what's currently there (layout is 99% identical, styling maybe 90%, the changes are so minor, I hate to think that anyone got paid for them!), but there is something so very familiar about them - very generic, out of the box framework type of look but I can't place it.

Some of the familiarity is because the menu, background and even that default hr are identical to an old site I worked on for their partner company (I didn't think they used the same designer but the colours look, to these programmers eyes to be identical) but the styles seem very generic. I know there are a lot of themes and frameworks out there but I don't really use them much. I've been working on bespoke sites for years and haven't built anything from scratch in a long time but I know there are quite a few web devs and designers here who might be able to identify where these styles are stolen from (give or take a colour here or there)

There's nothing there that's particularly difficult to implement but why re-invent the wheel if you don't have to?

Here is a sample of what it looks like. Is this from some ready-made theme or framework, if so, which?
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Is that perhaps YUI? The soft gradients are what's pinging it for me.
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Seems to me there's a shitton of homogeny in web design these days. I don't know that a loaded word like "stolen" is appropriate in this case.

You should be be able to easily identify the frame work by digging into the code, or using a site like:


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It's pretty close to the default component appearances in React.
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humboldt32 - these are PSDs from the designer, obviously if it was an active site I would know what was being used!
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