looking for a FREE client scheduling app (but MUST SYNC w GCAL)
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Hi, trying to start off my new massage business, and am going to rent a woman's home salon (when she's not using it) I would love to offer online scheduling. But I need to coordinate with her schedule, which she keeps with her phone's calendar (Google). Seems that to get syncronization with the salon owner's calendar, every scheduling app wants a monthly fee. Is there nothing out there that will allow clients to book appointments on my Gcalendar?

I've found several scheduling apps, but they all seem to be targeted at full time, busy operations.
I'm trying to keep things modest (i.e. low expense) at first, until I have a regular clientele.
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Maybe calendly.com?
posted by primethyme at 11:05 PM on December 11, 2016

Not sure if the sync is 2 way
posted by goshling at 12:03 AM on December 12, 2016

https://www.setmore.com/ - There's a free tier.
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Calendly looks possible, sounds like the free Basic plan gets "Google Calendar, Office 365 and Outlook integration"

No to Setmore, says Google Sync requires $25 month

I did also find Shedul, which seems to be a free-for-now standalone scheduler, but no syncing with an external cal. Won't work for me, but might be good for someone else...
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