BOLD socks--within certain parameters
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My 60-ish attorney dad has given me this gift guidance: "I would like to receive BOLD socks that could be worn with a suit or dress pants, but that are not solid or a sedate pattern. I do not want socks with Santas, footballs, reindeers, or something similar on them. I am looking for BOLD patterns." So, where should I look to find such socks? Do you have any favorite stores for BOLD patterned men's dress socks?
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Pendleton has a few.
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I can't speak to the quality, but I suspect he's after the Happy Socks aesthetic.
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The classic answer to all sock questions is Sock Dreams.

You should be able to find something there that ticks all his sock boxes.
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Paul Smith has the most beautiful men's socks, but they are not cheap!
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How bold? I like these smart wool socks, among others.
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You might look at Sock Club. It does monthly sock deliveries, 100% American Made, and they're bold without being kitsch. Also does sales that aren't a subscription.
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Stance has some bold patterns.
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I have the answer - you want Dapper Classics - high quality dress socks made in the USA. Scroll through all their stuff - they have plenty of sedate, but also plenty of brights/bolds. Other (more expensive) brands to look at would be Marcoliani, Bresciani and Gamarelli (the socks worn by the pope!). Does your father want over-the-calf (traditional with suits, but restrictive on bigger legs) or mid-calf? All these brands have both.

I get my socks from Sierra Trading Company, which sometimes has bright dress socks from Italian or German makers at much lower prices (but that's hit and miss - I bought a lot of socks in 2014 and none the past two years.)
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Ted Baker? The geometric diamond pattern shown at the bottom is pretty bold.
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Paul Smith, Ted Baker, Calbrate all offer bold patterned non-kitschy men's socks. All available at Nordstrom (or online at Nordstrom), alongside Nordstrom's less expensive versions.
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Unsimply Stitched socks are always popular when they show up on Meh.
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Seconding Happy Socks.
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Nordstrom Rack had a ton when I was there the other day.
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I'm an attorney, and bold colored socks are extremely popular men right now. I'm assuming your dad is looking to fit within the currently fashionable lawyer aesthetic. I've checked out the suggestions listed above, and I think your best bet is Dapper Classics or Unsimply Stitched. Don't go kitschy or recurring pictures -- you can still find bold but classic patterns that aren't "sedate" without going full-on "look at the hipster mustaches on my socks." Note that the fancy socks trend has peaked within the conservatively dressed fields of law and finance (e.g., this WSJ article saying to go for luxe fabrics and colors rather than really loud patterns these days). So go BOLD but still pretty classic.
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That is, I would pick something like this or this or this, but not this. This is on the line for me -- younger guys in my office (30s and 40s) might like these, but they might be too cutesy for your dad.
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3rding Happy Socks. Lots of fun patterns and good quality
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Target has some now called "pair of thieves" link
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There's literally a company called BOLDsocks.
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I've always liked Nice Laundry for my sock drawer needs.
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I'd second Stance. Take a look at their Premium Collection for bold, abstract patterns.
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For the UK, Seriously Silly Socks and fairtrade socks at 18th Rabbit and Braintree socks (mostly bamboo nowadays but i recommend the hemp for seriously sweaty feet & durability) and for the rich Seasalt socks
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Paul Smith x1000. (Source: curiously surrounded by professional style-conscious men)
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Express! You'll find one in most malls.
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Give him the bold socks he's asking for.
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Thirding Stance. I love their socks and they have bold, classic and wacky patterns.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone!
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Nordstrom has bold patterns in their SF store (and probably others)
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I currently have on some bold socks I found at Target.
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Response by poster: I ended up going with Happy Socks for budget and shipping reasons, but I loved all of the many suggestions! I'm going to pass them on to my dad so he can find more that he likes in the future. Thank you all very much.
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