[UK] Two phones - one number - trying to ween myself off my smartphone!
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I have an iPhone which I'm ALWAYS on. I'd love to leave the iPhone at work and go home with a dumb phone.

Something like a Nokia 3310 or a Mitsubishi Trium. i.e something without apps and internet access and email. Just phone calls and texts. If I lived in Scandinavia, I'd go for the "twin SIM" thing you can do over there where you get two SIMs which both get SMS and both ring when somebody calls you. That way I wouldn't have to faff with swapping SIMs every evening.

Can anyone think of a smart way of achieving as faff free and seamless a process as possible? I'm aware I'll probably need to turn off iMessage etc.

many thanks
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What about setting call-forwarding on your iPhone when you leave the office?
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Thanks vacapinta, that'd work for the calls - but not the messages, right?
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I get by with a flip phone + an iPod. The iPod functions like an iphone except for the fact that it can't make calls & only works if there's wifi. It works out pretty nicely: I can have access to all the apps & the nice camera if I want to, but because it only works in limited/wifi-accessible areas, it doesn't feel nearly as intrusive as a regular smart phone.
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Could use a Google Voice number and forward calls and texts to both phones?
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Could use a Google Voice number and forward calls and texts to both phones?
Google Voice isn't available in the UK. There are VoIP providers which let you forward calls either to a VoIP device or to another phone number - I use Localphone which works well, but your number 'looks' like a standard area code number (eg. 0151) rather than a mobile (eg. 07456) which might be an issue. You can choose any area code you like, though, and the number accepts texts.

I don't have a phone line at home, just a data-only cable service, so I use Localphone VoIP as my 'landline' so family can call me without running up a big bill to call a mobile. I'm not aware of any UK mobile company that lets you have two phones and two SIMs on one account, so some kind of VoIP or call-forwarding seems to be the way forward.
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I wonder if there's a Grand Central like service for the UK that I could use with some sort of either scheduled call forwarding or geo-fenced call forwarding.

Thanks for all the answers so far, giving me plenty of food for thought!
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Any iMessages will also be available on other OSX/macOS devices you're signed into, so if you have a mac at home you can still get those.
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In principle you could switch the SIM between phones, but I’d guess that doing that on a daily basis will probably eventually break something somewhere - those interfaces are designed with the expectation that they’ll only be used a few times in the lifetime of the phone.
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