OMG Boots! How do I find boots like these?
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When I was in Japan I bought these ankle boots, and I love them. But they're starting to fall apart, since the materials were cheap to begin with.

Does anyone know of boots like these, or a good strategy at finding ones like them? I've been searching 'Oxford Women's Boot' But I'm either getting regular boots, or oxford shoes as results.
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The search term you need is "wingtip." There are a couple of wingtip boots on Zappos for women that are similar but maybe not close enough, and some better results in the men's section.
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I think "brogue boots" is the best search term to find what you want.
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That height/cut of boot would be best described as a chukka. Searching for brogue chukka or wingtip chukka will probably get you close to what you're looking for.
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You may find chukka-style boots you also like, but in my experience chukkas have a smaller number of eyelets and don't go up as high. (There's speculation that the name is a polo reference for six periods of play = six eyelets. Although I've seen some different numbers still referred to as chukkas if they have the same general shape and style.)

The pull-loop on the back makes them look kind of like combat boots, but don't have a combat shape; the styling is spectator-like, but some of the other details don't match up. They really do look like oxfords mostly (to me, a non-shoe expert), just ankle-height. Have you tried searching for "ankle oxford" or "oxford bootie"?
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I just put these on my Zappos favorites list last night - not exactly like the picture, but a nice looking boot.
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I'll second that brogue or wingtip is what you need if you want that particular pattern (or whatever you would call it) on the boots. Depending on your foot size, you might want to include men's boots in your search if you think you wear a large enough shoe size for that to work. It seems like they have more of this kind of boot in men's styles, at least based on browsing through zappos.

I would start with a search for "(women's) wingtip/brogue lace up ankle boots/booties."

Anyway, I found a few things that might be along those lines on Zappos (despite what I said above, these are all women's boots):

Very similar but no pull up tab on the back
Also these, if you swap out the laces
Similar (same?) boot as previous one, with right style laces
This may be a slightly different heel shape but they're very cute
And one final option

I'm not sure if any of these are exactly what you're looking for, but they look, but you might be able to get some inspiration for additional search terms by looking through those descriptions, and also checking out other shoes from that brand, as well as the "you might like" and "other customers viewed" lists on those pages.

Also, I love the boots you linked to in your question! Please update us if you find what you're looking for :)
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