Cooking FIlter: See's Candies and your taste cortex
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I need a quick peek into someone's taste memories... if you ever ate the long ago discontinued See's Candies Bordeaux Sauce, I could use your help!

See's used to make this dessert/ice cream topping sauce. I really want to make a version of the sauce for my boss as a gift, but I've never tasted it, nor can I find anyone who has... except for my boss. He has waxed poetic about his love for Bordeaux sauce but hasn't actually described the flavor to me. If I press him for details, I'm afraid I'll tip my hand. The good news is that I know the flavor of their Bordeaux candy so I just need a couple of clues and then I'm golden. I don't need to get it exact, but it's important that I get in the ballpark.

If you've tasted the sauce, can you tell me:
What color was it? Standard caramel color, lighter or darker?
Did it have any chocolate flavor to it, or was it more like just the filling of a Bordeaux candy?
Was the brown sugar flavor more pronounced than it is in the Bordeaux chocolates?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Sad nobody has answered this :-( I think it was just basically a jar of runnier bordeaux filling (so a light-colored brown sugar caramel) with no chocolate, but someone else may remember better than me.
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Thanks for the input, karbonokapi... I'm going to take a run at it.
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