Any RC enthusiasts out there?
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Looking for a high quality RC 4x4 truck under $200 for my 9 year old son. I know nothing about these things!
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All I know about RC is what I've learned from Tested. They draw a distinction (as here) between "toy grade" and "hobbyist grade" products. I think at your price point, you want to shop in a hobby store, not a toy store.
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If you're talking a hobby grade (not toy) product, $200 is entry level stuff. Dromida makes some decent trucks but it's 1/18 scale so cheaper.

If you want 1/10s scale you'll probably go over your budget. The Traxxas Slash has a good reputation but with battery and charger you'll be over your budget by ~$50.

I have one of the Dromida trucks. If you're ok with 1/18 scale, I'd get one of these. The only downside is they're a bit low to the ground for use in grass.
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I've recently bought three drift cars for my three sons' birthdays (6, 9, 11) and was very impressed by the FTX brand. They have 4x4 off-road trucks too. They are ready to go out of the box (ex. Handset AAs) and are solid entry level machines. Neither cheapo/crappy/slow/breakable nor insanely-fast/dangerous/expensive. Perfect price point for you. Spares are easy to come by too. Not sure on your location but they're worth a look.

Oh and the remote has a side wheel for turning and a trigger for accelerating/reversing (far easier than those back/forward L/R knobs in the eighties.
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