Best gloves for driving?
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With another cold winter here, I'm looking for recommendations for a warm pair of women's gloves for driving. My hands get pretty cold and my current pair isn't cutting it. Ideally they'd keep my hands warm without losing a lot of dexterity. No particular material preference, and touchscreen capability isn't necessary. Thanks Mefites!
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I wear thin leather gloves lined with fabric, in a size that makes them fairly tight. They're just warm enough to cut the chill, and have plenty of grip. Thick insulation in a glove makes it hard to grip. The tight fit is also necessary for a good grip.

My current pair is deep red with a row of 20s-style buttons down the wrist. They're quite chic, if I do say so myself.
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I'm vegetarian and won't wear leather, so I was super pleased when I found Isotoner "Sensations" black driving gloves that are water-resistant fabric with an waterproof polyurethane palm pad. They're super flexible and on the thinner side of still effective/warm. Unfortunately, I can't find them for sale online anymore (the image link isn't to a buyable option) since the touch-screen ones became so popular, but I've still been able to get them in some physical Walmart stores (not available at Walmart online anymore though).
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I know you are asking about gloves, but Ihave never found a pair of gloves that could keep my hands warm in the most frigid New England weather. When it gets that cold, I wear Isotoner mittens, even for driving. I think ymmv, though; I can understand how some would find it too difficult to use the steering wheel with them. I don't have too much trouble, and the increased dexterity from not having numb hands is a plus.
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The palm should be a non-slippery material.
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Try a sheepskin steering wheel cover too.
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And don't forget they make steering wheel covers that heat up!
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A robust steering wheel cover ($30 or less) definitely improves gloved driving feel.

I have these (Amazon link) light thinsulate-lined Wells Lamont work gloves that are great for driving, with a grippy mesh fabric, very warm and yet flexible, and the fingertips still work on touch screens (important if you have to interact with your nav system) - but they're not very stylish alas! They live in the car most of the time, naturally in the glove compartment. I love them! They are a life saver when I am driving in wintertime Alaska.
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Sorry just looked at them and the palm and finger side is faux-leather and very grippy, the mesh-y gotetex side is on the back.

What they are is super light, super flexible, super warm (.80g thinsulate), and cheap enough that you don't mind losing them ($15). And they are the best driving gloves I've ever had of many many pairs.
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I agree: a fluffy steering wheel cover will help a lot. And then Thinsulate mittens or gloves.
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