How to find a musical performance, unconstrained by location or quality?
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I want to see a live performance of Elton John & Tim Rice's Aida. Flexible on performance quality and location. How to find this?

I've been listening to the soundtrack for ~15 years but have never seen a performance. I'm fond of the soundtrack and have a growing itch to be able to fill in dialogue, actors' gestures, sets, etc. Don't really enjoy recorded musicals, looking for a live performance. It's doesn't need to be professional - a college or even high school performance would be fine.

To further relax constraints, I live in Boston but would consider traveling - If U of Montana's theater club is performing, I could find a couple of other fun things to do in Montana and make a trip out of it. Probably wouldn't build a trip to Australia around it, but somewhere in the U.S. or Canada, sure. do I find this? Is there a theater version of Songkick? Some search term I'm missing? The internet has thus far just turned up past performances than were "upcoming" when the article was published. Looks like I can save searches on some ticket-selling sites, but wondering if there's anything better.
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Music Theatre International controls the rights to this show. At this link you can click on the "upcoming" menu item and search for a convenient performance.
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I googled "Aida musical 2017" and found the following:

Vista, CA
Salt Lake, UT
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Glibert, AZ
Glenview, IL (high school theater)

There were others. That was just the first page. Best of luck!
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