You Tube Presentations: A foray into animated youtube
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I have a plan but no tools. How do I venture into animated( like text, simple graphics, not full on animation) educational presentations on a topic?

I want to do presentations on particular complicated topics with some simple design and some handwriting thrown in. Enough to keep visual interest, and emphasize particular points.

I know there are tools to do this, but I do not know who what where why costs etc. Can you point me to guides, suggestions or preferences?

If it helps: I run unbutu and windows ten at home on a decent desktop, and currently use a note 3 stock Android for my phone.

Ease of use is a plus, and low cost is as well. I'm not trying to be super professional looking from the get go.

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Given the description you provided, there are lots of ways to go.

I'd recommend Camtasia for easy video editing - it can do most of what you want. I know the PC version is more robust than the Mac version I use, but Camtasia has great tutorials. It's great for the price and ease of use.

If you want to do handwriting, you will probably need something like a Wacom tablet - it's pretty straight-forward but is an initial investment of about $75-$100. I use an iPad Pro and Pencil for handwriting stuff but that's even more expensive cheap.

I make educational videos and I'd humbly suggest that it's not about the software you use. I mean, Vi Hart makes incredible videos with a cheap camera, lined paper and sharpies. It's more about SHORT (please God, shorter than 4 minutes), high-quality videos on topics that are useful and not well-covered already on the internet.
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You can buy a 3D animated video for YouTube from Evertoon for $99.

If you want to make it yourself, windows movie maker is free and will let you composite segments and add text.
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I doubt you need a tablet for the handwriting part. If you want the "whiteboarding" look of text being written, there are apps that do that. In fact, you could probably find an app to do the whole thing. I just googled "video app whiteboard" and this came up (and I am sure there are more)
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iOS has a bunch of apps that seem to cover your bases. Explain Everything or Doceri for whiteboard recording (Procreate comes to mind as well). Adobe Spark does simple motion graphics. Adobe Clip and iMovie both do Ken Burns style slideshows. There are a number of frame-by-frame animation apps like DoInk and Autodesk Sketchbook Motion does the heavy lifting on simple animated scenes.
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