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Howdy good people! I've been tasked with adding ideas to a film and speaker series surrounding the local foods movement. So, I'm looking for recommendations for films to show to the locavores Please offer me some suggestions of your picks of this type of movie that has been released since 2014.

I'm thinking of movies along the lines of Food, Inc. (2008) or King Corn (2007) (both excellent flicks if you haven't seen them), but the catch here is that I'm only looking for the freshest of films so that most people haven't had the chance to see them before at an independent theater or online. I'm also open to suggestions of other forums where this kind of film may be discussed or where upcoming releases of this nature might be announced. Thanks!
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If you're looking for the freshest films, a program of documentary shorts might be a better bet. It looks like you're in the South so you probably already know about the Southern Foodways Alliance and their films. Other slow food organizations throughout the world might have similar programs, so maybe ask them for suggestions? The SFA films seem to have an institutional link to the University of Mississippi. Maybe email folks at the Southern Documentary Project for advice about new food-related films?
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Food Chains reveals the human cost in our food supply.
The Garden LA's South Central Farmers fight to keep their community farm
Food Chains is 2014 but did not get that wide of distribution as far as I can tell. The Garden is even older, but definitely didn't do the locavore circuit. Both are more radical critiques of consumer capitalism than is usual for foodie types. They are both well worth watching.
Two more LA-focused urban gardening films that I haven't seen but am interested in:
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Forgotten Farms is an excellent documentary about New England dairy farmers.

It was just released this Fall 2016, so quite fresh.
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