Stretchy pants?
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I’d like to ask for some really nice yoga/lounge pants/leggings for Christmas. I’m pretty medium sized, but I often run into the problem, even with stretchy stuff, that if pants fit my thighs then they’re loose/gappy in the waist. They must be machine wash ‘n’ dry. Cost, up to $100. Recommendations?

I don’t want Lululemon because I’m turned off by the John Galt thing a few years back and the other stuff about the see-through material. I don’t want Lularoe because I’ve heard they’re line dry and because the giver would never hunt up a seller. I've tried Lands End Starfish pants and they fit me oddly - I think they're made for women who have more hip than I do. Also the fabric is a bit thicker than I'd like.

Athleta? American Giant?
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Best answer: I am a fan of Athleta bottoms. I run into the same issue so I often check if the pants have a draw string waist to get a last bit of adjustment. Athleta currently has a 20% off sale items coupons and a generous return policy.
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i have the same problem. Have had good luck with Target Champion brand tights with drawstrings in the waist. For something more fancy, look at products from CW-X. more expensive than Target but will fit your budget if you are a little patient and check on Amazon. They have drawstrings and a high rise, and the sizing is more detailed than just s/m/l.
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Target Champion brand tights with drawstrings in the waist

They're not very durable though. Plan on buying multiple pairs and rotating them a lot. In my experience they might last a year if you wear them daily and perhaps longer if you wear them less often.
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Best answer: I love the pair I got from Girlfriend Collective, and they're only $20 while they're soft launching. Super soft, super comfortable, definitely at the quality point of an $80 legging - the only downside is they took about 6 weeks to ship and they have exactly 1 design of high waisted black leggings.

Athlete is nice too, but my pair pilled after awhile. If you take them into a store they will hem them for free. Lucy is good too - they run more sales than the others.
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Best answer: I got these off of Amazon right after Christmas last year and I like them really well. They're thick enough to not be see through but they have good give and stretch. I've noticed a tiny bit of pilling in some places after a year of regular use, but I've shaved that off and they still look good as new.
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Lularoe leggings are completely amazing, much to my dismay. The brand is sold by independent consultants and are all the rage right now with almost every woman I know over the age of 30. I generally avoid anything that gets sold/pushed on facebook and the like, but I got sucked into attending a party and walked away with a bunch of clothes. They really are as "buttery soft" and comfortable as everyone claims, and are $25. If you/your family don't know anyone selling the stuff, you can find a ton of new inventory on eBay.
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Best answer: I know, I know, you probably think Victoria's Secret is crap quality. I thought so too, until I tried their workout/yoga leggings. I have an 11 inch difference between my waist and hips, and muscley thighs, and the high rise leggings fit my dimensions well. Some of the leggings also have different inseams available. Here are the basic ones I like, high rise, full length. They call them sport 'tights' but they are quite thick material, and I've done a full touch-my-toes bend at the waist and there was no see-through while I was wearing neon green underwear.

Here are all their bottoms and tights.

They're listed at like $50-60 each but there's ALWAYS a sale. I rarely pay more than $30 per pair. I turn them inside-out before I wash, wash on warm or cool, and tumble dry on normal. The color on my oldest ones (a year and a half old?) is still bright, and the blacks are still inky black.
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Response by poster: Lularoe leggings are completely amazing, much to my dismay.
Do you find that they stand up to machine drying? I've heard people complain that they get holes in them after a few rounds through the drier. I wouldn't ask for them as a gift, as the potential giver would be totally turned off by the "independent consultant" thing, but I do know a few sellers personally and might try a pair if they're not a pain to care for.
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I do not think Lularoe leggings would stand up to repeated machine drying. I put mine on the drying rack and haven't had any problems.
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I live in Athleta pants that come with a drawstrings at waist and ankles. They are pretty great and have worn well, but I don't machine dry them all that often so your mileage may vary. They are expensive, though.
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Do you find that they stand up to machine drying?

I do not machine dry mine, but they dry really, really quickly just lying on top of the dryer while the rest of the load dries. I haven't had mine long enough to make claims on whether they will last years and years, but so far so good!
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Get your waists taken in - find a tailor and put on the pants and pinch in the waist and have them sew them up. Cost is $10-15 per item and the pants will fit, feel, and look SO MUCH BETTER you won't believe it. It's really worth it.
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I will second that the Lularoe dry very quickly on their own.
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I have tons of workout clothes and none of them will hold up to machine drying really. I think it's the spandex and materials. Unless you go for cotton jogger types I wouldn't count on machine drying any high end workout pants.
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Yummie Rachel Leggings

I grabbed them once while I was online at DSW and got them for around $35 and had NEVER thought I would spend that much on leggings. But then... I literally lived in them. So I just bought another pair on Zappos and honestly will probably buy another one soon too. They are so comfortable, hold up well after multiple washes, and are just all around great.
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I like LE's all cotton sport knit pants.
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I'm a big fan of Baleaf's pocket leggings because of the low price and truly glorious side pockets, but I generally don't put those in the dryer, either.
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I got a pair of made-to measure yoga pants from Etsy Recently are absolutely love them. You can send in your measurements and get something perfectly fitted and the price is really reasonable. Custom color combos, too.
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Aritzia Leggings I have several of the Stride and Atmosphere versions. I machine wash and dry them all.
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