Yet another children's book identification question
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I was born in 1959. In the late sixties or early seventies (so I would have been 10-12) I read a book about a family who lived on a remote island (which I think was off the coast of Canada).

They had a farm. They could only get to the mainland by ferry--which they never did. At one point the boy hero of the book (aged about 12) has to go to the mainland (I'm pretty sure his father has disappeared and the boy goes looking for him). What I remember most clearly is the boy trying to navigate around a town that had cars and shops and a lot of people. He is almost hit by a car while trying to cross a road. The driver shouts at him "Don't you know what a red light is?!" But of course, the boy does not know what a red light is. He has never seen one before (this blew me away as a child).
I think it was a book with chapters and it had watercolour illustrations.
Anyone remember this?
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