When should I go after a restaurant's grand opening?
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A popular franchise restaurant has opened in the past few weeks. It is very large and located within a mall. Based on the reviews in Google and Yelp, the staff needs more practice with efficiency.

I like the food from other locations I've travelled to out of state. How many weeks should I wait to sit down to have a meal at this new location?
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How much do you care about efficiency? If you're OK with it maybe being a bit slow then go immediately. If that's a big problem for you then wait a while.
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How many weeks should I wait to sit down to have a meal at this new location?

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Or keep reading Yelp and wait to see when people say the issues are resolved, if it's important to you that there not be any efficiency issues.
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I would bring a good book or a friend you want to catch up with, and just plan going in that you'll wait a little longer for your table and/or food. Mostly because I think it's hard to predict if/when the staff will improve. It's quite possible the management of this location is kind of sucky and the place will always have slow service. I have loved many fabulous restaurants that have shitty/slow service, which I put up with if I like the food enough. :) But, if bad service is a dealbreaker for you, then I'd wait to see when the reviews start turning around and there are less comments about this issue. Another good option, if you have a flexible schedule, would be to go at an unusual/off time when they're less likely to be busy.
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How many weeks should I wait to sit down to have a meal at this new location?

If you want to be a little conservative you might want to wait seven weeks instead.
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For a non-franchise restaurant, I'd say to go week 2 and week ~7-8. On week 2 you get their original vision and all the problems, but show your support and enthusiasm for the concept, which is important to the fledgling business. Then by week 7 or 8 they have (started to) sort out issues, not only with staff and customer procedures but also menu items, kitchen procedures, sourcing, etc.
For a franchise, the purpose of going immediately is to tell them you like their brand. And because the menu and food sourcing is set, and most procedures/manual is set, it's only a matter of getting the staff trained into a good groove, so I agree with thelonius, 6 weeks is probably sufficient.
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why not go on, say, a tuesday? they're not likely to be as busy then.

otherwise, i say 5 weeks, because being the union of the first female number and the first male number, it is the symbol of creative life and erotic love (according to jung).
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Just go at a time when you're not in a hurry. This does not sound like something that would prevent me from eating at a restaurant (especially a chain restaurant in a mall) that I otherwise wanted to check out.
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If it is a new chain for the area, it will be insanely busy at first. When I worked at the first Olive Garden to open in New England we had 3-4 HOUR WAITS the first few weekends. But I would say after the first month or so you should be fine, if you can avoid busy times and be patient with the staff.
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You guys, did you favorite 7, 6, and 5 weeks that number of times respectively on purpose?

I frequently go to restaurants when they're really new and I'm rarely disappointed. I agree with the suggestion to go on an off night like a Tuesday rather than wait a specific interval of time.
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