Need Downtown Los Angeles real estate and tenants rights lawyer
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Degree of difficulty: Commercially-zoned warehouse converted to live-work lofts, now under scrutiny post-Oakland. 60+ units. Not anywhere near as dangerous as Ghost Ship, but they may try to make an example of us. There are more complex politics at work here than usual because of who our landlord is, so we really need someone who is politically dialed-in to DTLA.

The landlord has been working to get everything up to code -- the sprinklers and fire alarms all work, for instance -- but the zoning will always be an issue, so our time is going to run out eventually. Maybe sooner than later because this is happening:

Downtown Los Angeles Artists’ Lofts Cited For Dozens Of Fire Safety Code Violations

There are a lot of shady lawyers preying on people in this situation. Anyone know someone reputable and connected?
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I don't know attorneys, but did you already contact some of the anti-displacement groups? They might be able to (a) get you a good referral, (b) support you politically. ACT-LA is a coalition of organizations, so their staff might be able to point you in the right direction.
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