Baby knitting ideas for soft, but crazy hot synthetic yarn
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I live in a hot, humid climate. I have bought a 60% acrylic, 40% nylon yarn to make baby presents for friends. It's not the best choice for this climate. What can I make with it?

In my defense, the yarn felt wonderfully soft and smooth in the air-conditioned store. Outside in the sweltering heat though, it's pretty obvious that any clothing made with this yarn is going to give the baby a bad heat rash. It does still feel soft though, but it's not absorbent. What can I make with this yarn so it doesn't go to waste?

Current ideas:
1. Hat - still not too bad. Hats don't have to be cooling, right?
2. Blanket - only works if my friends put the baby in air-conditioned rooms, which they prpbably will not.
3. Mittens/socks/cardigan - if I had gloves made of this stuff, in this weather, I'd have permanently sweaty extremities. I don't eant to subject an innocent baby to that.
4. Wipes/bibs - this materials doesn't seem absorbent at all.
5 . ???

If all else fails, I could crochet a little toy or something, but I'd rather make something my friends could really use.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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A blanket is good to crawl on, or to serve as a shade over the stroller/nursing. Here's a nice flat one by Lou Henry Hoover.
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I agree with LobsterMitten. I think blankets would be good – when my daughter was a newborn I used swaddling blankets for actually wrapping her up. But knitted or other blankets were in regular use as play mats. Since it’s acrylic/nylon, it can be washed in a washing machine, right? If not, then never mind.

My baby was born in May in a temperate climate and she didn’t wear a knitted hat until the weather got cold. I would think that babies in hot, humid climates would only wear sun hats.
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Blanket buddies (very small comfort blanket with a stuffie face/head) would work well too--here's a free knitting pattern and a free crochet pattern.
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I know that yarn! It makes a fairly nice baby blanket in a very open crochet pattern like a big open shell mesh pattern and babies often love cloth with actual holes in it that gives them something to grip and explore, at least my smaller two did as toddlers. I would in Singapore weather, go that way with a open weave shawl pattern for that. Otherwise, I once made a cat shaped baby cushion/pillow for a baby gift that was a toy and semi useful item by stuffing it pillow flat and soft.
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They probably won't put the blanket on the baby anyway (it's a SIDS risk). A blanket to crawl around on sounds great!

In the future, use superwash wool or cotton when knitting for babies.

Here is the Ravelry page for this yarn if you want more ideas.
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I came in to recommend blanket buddies. Toys of any sort are perfect for this stuff.

If the variegation of the color way makes it not great for anything representational, there are plenty of more abstract stuffed thingies to be crafted.
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Make them a wild looking stuffed hedgehog? When my friends were having LOTS of babies, I got tired of knitting hats and sweaters and made some whimsical hedgehogs. Recently a friend sent me a picture of her toddler, sleeping with his beloved "hedgie." I had no idea it would be a hit, but they are. Make them any color combo you like! There are lots of fun ideas in the Softies category.
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A friend of my parents brought a stuffed dragon to the hospital when I was born that I had for years and years. So I suggest Daisy Bunny or maybe held doubled for Loch Ness Monster.
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Elijah the Elephant!
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Thanks all! I think I'll go with the blanket/shade thingy, though the toys are definitely something to explore as well!
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And for anyone following the thread who might want to know what I've settled on.
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My daughter is chortling with glee over her Tiny Cthulhu dolls. I think they will be decorating her tree with them. Or planning world domination.
My dolls have the round hands and then a flat triangle for arms, rather than stuffed arms. And crocheted white eyes with red French knot pupils, of course. I am currently crocheting action figures for her friends (Batman, Deadpool, Harley Quinn).
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