How do I mini split?
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Renting a place with Daikin mini-splits, and can't seem to figure out how to effectually use it.

What I want to be able to do is use it like a normal programmable thermostat: set it to "Heat" mode. Tell it I want it to be X temperature during the day, and lower temperature Y at night.

At the moment, I can set it to "heat mode" and say "Keep it 66 degrees" just fine.

The problem is that (as far as I can tell) I can only set the temperature in programmable mode (be this temperature at 6:30am, this temperature at 10pm, etc.), and *not* tell it "Only use the heating setting". When I try to do that it goes "Oh, hey, it's 68 degrees in here" and turns the AC on when it's currently 25 degrees outside.

The manual is...less than helpful. Anybody have a similar system that can give some hints?

(Note that landlord/property managers are not really available to help.)
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I read the part about the Weekly Timer (p. 23). In one of the footnotes (p. 24) it says
Only the time and set temperature with the WEEKLY TIMER are sent with the [PROGRAM button]. Set the WEEKLY TIMER only after setting the operation mode, the airflow rate and the airflow direction ahead of time.
This implies to me that you can set the unit to Heat (this is the "operation mode" I think), then program the Weekly timer, and then it will operate to maintain the temp on the programmed schedule, but only using Heat mode (and not Auto which is seems to be set to if it's cooling as well as heating).
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Right. Usually there are a few different modes ("heat," "cool," "auto," and "fan"). You want "heat" only.
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Bah. I swear, it kept automatically switching to "auto" when I tried to set the timer before, including just before I posted the question; it seems to be cooperating and staying on "heat" for now, so fingers crossed!
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