Geology toy with different colored layers of sand in water between glass
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When I was a kid (UK 80s), a friend had a sort of geology toy. It was two pieces of glass (7 by 4 inches) sandwiching a thin layer of water and different colored sand. The sand would fall into different layers like strata when you shook it up. Anyone know what I'm talking about or what it is called? I'm looking to buy one for Xmas.

When you gently tipped this thing over, the sand would slowly erode and fall down the slope. Endlessly fascinating. I've tried Googling for geology toy and using images with various search words, but I'm not finding anything.
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Sand pictures maybe? There are even fancy pants ones.
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I had one of those. It was cool. Try googling sand art frame.

Here's one on Amazon.
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Is this it?
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You guys are fantastic! Sand pictures / art frame / geology demo. Just what I was looking for and what my "geology toy" search criteria was not giving me!

Thanks a bunch. Off to Amazon...
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See also Magic Window
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Thank you for this question! My dad, a geologist, had a couple of these sand thingies! As well as a fancy version of one of these wave toys.
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