Weird dark spot on Fuji X100T electronic viewfinder
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Our Fuji X100T (fixed lens) digital camera has an electronic viewfinder that has a really weird dark spot right on the center of its electronic viewfinder "view". (Two photos looking through the viewfinder to the EVF.)

It's not visible in photos, nor is it visible in the LCD or the optical viewfinder. As seen in one of the photos linked to above, it's visible over the menu. I've cleaned the body and lens, tinkered with all the settings, reset all the settings to factory defaults, but nothing makes it go away. Is there a hole somewhere on this thing where something could have entered? Any thoughts on what this could be?
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I'm really guessing here, but I read a thread that indicated some mirrorless cameras (Olympus, in this case) can end up with a burned EVF shooting directly into the sun.

I would try and adjust the diopter to its most extreme point on either end. That may reveal whether it's an object on top of the screen, as it comes into focus, or whether the EVF itself is damaged. Not ever having seen a damaged EVF, my uneducated opinion is that it looks like the screen itself is damaged or defective. I'd contact Fuji.
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That rainbow effect on an LCD screen makes me think of physical damage.
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Those are "Newton's rings" or "Newton rings" around a central point. Have they ever been absent?
The LCD screen that forms the image in your electronic viewfinder is damaged or impaired, perhaps not permanently.
Did the electronic viewfinder get poked or pressed rather hard recently? It might have pressed the convex lens into the LCD screen that forms the image, and might still be pressing on the LCD screen. Relieving the pressure might correct the deformation in the LCD screen that is causing the dark spot.
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What rhizome and the Real Dan said. That looks almost like something has bashed or is pressing on the top layer of the EVF.
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