Where in the world are American expats?
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Sometimes, in an attempt to facilitate connections, I want a way to reach out to American expats in particular places (this week: South Korea and France). Where should I look?

It happens sometimes when talking with a friend that I see an opportunity to try and help connect people. Recent examples:

A young American friend and her new French husband recently moved to Bretagne. They're figuring out life and work and community. It sounds lonely. How might she learn if there is an expat meetup in her town?

A South Korean friend who lived with her husband and children for two years in the states recently returned to her home and teaching job in Jinju city, South Korea. She misses the US, misses speaking English, and would love to make an American friend in or near Jinju.

Is there one best place to search by city or region? Perhaps an expat-centric AskMeFi?
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The website internations.org is a good place to find expats communities.
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There are Expatica sites for Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Moscow, the Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK. They offer resources and online forums, and I know that they hold regular Expat Fairs in the Netherlands, so they may do so for other countries. Other than that, Facebook is always a good source for finding expat meetup groups.
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Facebook groups are pretty widely used to connect expats and promote expat events. Search for expat/foreigner/etc and the city name. Your Korean friend can look for Facebook language exchange groups.
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The Korean friend should look around for anywhere in Jinju that offers Korean lessons for foreigners. There's probably an expats in Jinju facebook group as well.
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Facebook is pretty good for this, yes.

Also – join MetaFilter and suggest meetups on IRL? :)

Re: Ask, it can already be used for questions about life abroad. There have been quite a few about France, for instance.
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Meetup.com seems to have international/expat groups in most cities.
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I'm an expat and nth Facebook groups and Meetup! On Facebook just search for "Americans in ....".
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Yes, they reeeeeally need to update the name, but most major foreign cities will have an "American Women's Club." You know, for all the wives of the diplomats and business men. Even if there isn't one in your specific city, the one in the capital city will know what other expat organizations are around in the country.

Also seconding Facebook groups. Just search "Expats in X."
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