Help me with my short vacation to Key Largo, please!
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My husband and I will be in Key Largo for about 4 days next week. What should we do? (specific questions inside)

We will be staying at a place that has bicycles and kayaks. We have not been trained in scuba diving so it's only snorkeling for us. We do not know if we will be renting a car. Is the area too big to bike around? If we want to go to one of the other keys, we would need to rent some kind of motorized vehicle, correct?

I've read that the best snorkeling in the US is here. Where should we go specifically? Do we need to go on a boat? Which charter service should we use?

Which is the best beach for just general relaxing and water activities?

My husband is very interested in fishing. Is shore fishing ok or do we need to go out on a charter? Which charter is good? We've had bad luck with charters before (our guy just followed the other charter boats and we didn't really catch stuff)and would prefer to avoid that again. What's the best spots if you're not on a boat? We can fish from the highway 1 bridge right? There are places where you can rent poles, I assume?

What are your must-do activities for Key Largo?

What restaurants should we eat at? Is there a specific dish we should try somewhere? We aren't big drinkers so alcohol selection is not really important, although a place with local beers would be neat to try.

Is it worth it to visit the other keys or will we be entertained enough in Key Largo?
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We did our snorkeling tour from the state park. I can't swear that it's "best" as compared to other charters, but it was good. You do need a boat to get from shore to reefs. I assume services choose which reef to take groups to based on weather, as well as habits, and how many tours are already at a place.

That park also offers scuba, the basic tour is only for certified people, but they also offer "non-certification classes" meaning you get instruction and then go on an easy dive, and they pay close attention to you and it costs more. I think it would be worth calling to see if that "instructor escorted dive" goes anyplace good. We thought about doing that and then it was thunderstorms and we didn't.

My experience (one 3-day trip), I'd recommend a car; I'm not an avid biker, but most trips involve going up and down highway 1, a four-lane highway without sidewalks or bike lanes. But you could get around on bikes if you wanted.

There are certain spots along the highway 1 bridges that are set aside for fishing, I don't know whether you can't fish from the other places or if people just don't. Or maybe it's so shallow that it's not interesting fishing.

We didn't find much local beer, but there was a bit. The tourist recipe is key lime pie. Every restaurant will have it, and people are happy to hold forth opinions about recipes (like New England and whether clam chowder should be a soup, or thick and stewlike, Floridians will talk a lot about key lime pie and how its true and natural color is yellow).
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If you like birds and wildlife at all, the Key Largo bird sanctuary is great, My parents have a place down there and I go every time I visit them.
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