Help us have a cheerful Christmas in the Northwest!
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We are looking for a video that used to be floating around of a couple lip-syncing to the song Christmas in the Northwest. We can't find it online anywhere, and it's driving us crazy!!

When my husband and I first got together 10 years ago, there was a Christmas video that we loved featuring a fun-loving couple lip-synching to the song Christmas In the Northwest. It was a silly stupid music video, and for several years, we'd always watch it to kick off our holiday season. A year or so ago, we went looking for it, and it was gone. *super sad face* We searched around for it, gave up, but this year we want to try to find it again. The video takes place mostly outdoors (maybe somewhere in Washington??). Anyone know of it? Anyone know how to help me find it? Or maybe you made the video (in which case, we'd love to meet you!). Any help would be super appreciated. :-)
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