Windows link redirect problem with search failure
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Infuriating windows 7 laptop problem opening/redirecting links

On my windows 7 laptops, actions that used to open a webpage in my browser no longer do, and redirects from within the browser also can have problems. Here are some examples:

- I connect to a wireless network that requires some logon action in a webpage. A little bubble pops up in the task bar that says "Additional log on information may be required. Click to open your browser." I click, but no browser tab/window opens. If I open a browser window and try to navigate to, instead of redirecting to the network logon page, I get a Firefox error message that the site has a certificate problem.

- I click on a link in a PDF document from my PDF reader, the link doesn't open in my browser.

- I'm looking at updates available in Windows Update, and I click the "More Information" link in the description of a specific update, no webpage opens.

- In Zotero when I click the "View Online" menu option for a journal article, the webpage associated with the URL stored for that item doesn't open like it used to.

My attempts to search for solutions to this problem have failed because I don't know exactly what to search for. I keep finding related problems (the "Additional log on information may..." windows pops up persistently, which is not my problem). What should I do?
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Try changing your default browser and then changing it back.
posted by Obscure Reference at 1:59 PM on December 4, 2016

Wow, that worked. Thanks Obscure Reference, you computer wizard!

Note to self: next go to AskMe before spending weeks trying to think of search terms.
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