Prospect Kentuckians—East End Bridge westbound on-ramp is located where?
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For the life of me I cannot find the location, if any, of the on ramp going west. Help I live in the east end and want to enjoy the new east end bridge but I can only find the off-ramp going east that exits on River Road. Where will the on-ramp be? (
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I'm not a local, but:

If you look at the project map on the project's website, it doesn't appear that there is an on-ramp to the westbound bridge anywhere in the new construction. This is a bit surprising, but perhaps they couldn't get the easements that were necessary for an on-ramp as well as an off-ramp at River Road. Your best bet appears to be to get on I-265 at Brownsboro Road, just southeast of I-71, and take the bridge from there.
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You might want to try asking on the Louisville subreddit.
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Usermac, according to my reading of the project documents what you called an "off-ramp going east that exits on River Road" is actually identified as a "shared use path", which after further reading appears to be bi-directional combination walkway and bike path.
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Hi! I live a few minutes from Prospect. I'm not sure I'm understanding you correctly, so please set me straight if that's the case. I think you're asking about the bridge connecting Prospect/East Louisville to Utica - yes? The bridge isn't quite open yet - last I heard was two weekends from now (17/18).

Which ramp on River Road are you talking about? There's no way to get on or off the bridge from River Road. You'll have to get on the bridge on the Louisville side via the tunnel. The entrance to the tunnel is right at the end of the Gene Snyder, right where it dead-ends at 42.
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I finally ask the transportation contact in Indiana and they said there is no on or off ramp in or near Prospect, Kentucky. End of story.
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