Of love, heroin, and . . . . . cocktail sauce?
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Lucy September (lyrics) is a wonderful song from The Dream Academy, a band from England. One of the lyrics goes "With eyes you could drown in like the Marie Rose" --- who or what does the "Marie Rose" refer to? Wikipedia says that's a name used in the UK for what us Yanks call "cocktail sauce." (Regardless of the true meaning, I'm telling people it's all about the sauce.) Many thanks in advance.
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The Mary Rose.
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Is it "Mary Rose"?
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...in which a whole bunch of people drowned. July 19th, 1545.
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So it's about drowning in her eyes like the ship sinking? I still like the sauce idea. Thanks!
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(And the raising of the Mary Rose was a huge deal in the 1980s, when The Dream Academy was active. They showed it live at my school.)
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We saw the raising of the Mary Rose live at school too!

I remember the teacher taking questions afterwards and one girl asking "Why was the crane yellow?" which has stuck in my head ever since as a bizarre non sequitur. (I think the teacher said it was to make it easier to see in the mud.)
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I'd call the girl's question an example of 'fighting the problem.'
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It's more like Russian dressing than cocktail sauce. It has mayo in it.
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Marie Rose sauce is used in the British version of shrimp (prawn) cocktail, but it is more like Russian dressing or thousand island than what Americans call cocktail sauce, as it has a tomato component and mayonnaise. British style prawn cocktail is quite popular in India, so this confused me quite a bit when I first moved to the U.S. and ordered shrimp cocktail.
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