Handmade garden pots / planters in the northeast?
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Do you know of any sources for handmade, terracotta flower pots/planters in the northeast?

Looking for sources for nice, handmade indoor/outdoor garden planters for gifts. Preferably someone making them in the northeast - I'm in the Philadelphia area. I'd love to be able to buy direct from the potter, if he/she has a website or retail shop within a couple hours drive.

Guy Wolff pots used to be my go-to source for these but it looks like he stopped production in 2015. His son is making pots now but the selection is pretty limited.

I've reached out to some local potters and ceramics studios for suggestions, but not having any luck so far finding planters.

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Wizard of Clay has some small planters on their website. If you want larger ones just call them; the inventory at the workshop is much, much larger than you see online.
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