Mute all but music for iPhone over Bluetooth?
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I recently bought a Bluetooth speaker that I use for my living room stereo. I connect my iPhone (6 if it matters) to play music or podcasts. I also like to play games on my phone while listening to music, but don't want the game sounds to play through the speaker at all.

When not using the speaker, I *do* want the game sounds to play (through the phone speaker). Is there a better option than manually turning on and off the game sounds in each app I use each time?
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In OSX it looks like Audio Hijack Pro is a common thread. There don't appear to be any built-in or free ways to do this.
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Again, not a free solution, but you could buy a chromecast audio for your stereo and cast your music instead of doing it over bluetooth.
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Many (most?) games respect the silent ringer switch on the side as a means of turning off game sounds. Playing music or audio in apps that are set up to use that mode isn't effected by this. That also works over Bluetooth or airplay or what have you.

Note there's no built in way to listen to game sounds locally and your music remotely. There's one sound path on the iPhone and you can switch where that goes but you can't split it up.
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