I need post-election house signage
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I've been loathe to take down my Hillary 2016 sign, but eventually I'm going to have to do the thing. I want to replace it with something else, though, a sticker or sign that expresses inclusiveness and support for those who are most vulnerable in this scary new world.

I've seen a lot of these great signs in our neighborhood, but while they're objectively awesome, they're connected in the local community's minds to the Mennonite church and will falsely suggest that I share a religious affiliation.

Something that includes a reference to the LGBTQ community would be great, too; we're a queer household. I may end up getting this one, but any and all suggestions appreciated.
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I like Chicago's North Park Neighborhood's Hate Has No Home Here.
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Rainbow flag?
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I may just leave the Hillary sign up for a while longer. Then I think a big peace sign is in order.
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I've been looking for the same thing for the same reason. I've been considering just a good ole Black Lives Matter yard sign, but I also like that Chicago North Park sign. I might just see where I can get that printed locally.
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Peace Supplies makes a very nice intersectional Black Lives Matter sign.
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My neighborhood is awash in yard signs.

I have a feeling you will reallly like this one:

Justice Love Humanity Compassion Unite

There's this too
Love Your Neighbor

And another neighbor did a custom order of signs that just say We Choose Love.
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All Are Welcome Here
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I think a flag is the most tasteful option, but a real flag like a rainbow flag, not those "I have an ever changing flag" flags for spring and Christmas and "Grandkids Always Welcome!"
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You could have one printed with the well known Coexist logo.
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The improv theatre I work at has hung a giant safety pin over the front door, which I think is pretty great.
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And in case you missed this DC story, others are struggling with the same question: http://wjla.com/news/local/rainbow-flags-pop-up-in-vp-elect-pences-temporary-northwest-dc-neighborhood
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A Black Lives Matter sign or lapel pin is the most radical way I can think of for a white person to express solidarity with all oppressed people.
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I haven't yet gotten over the hump to print up "Duckworth/Davis 2020" bumper stickers, but I think that's gonna happen soon...
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A Portland artist has "We're Glad Your Our Neighbor" signs in Spanish, English and Arabic.
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Friends' Committee on National Legislation has some signage with #lovethyneighbor (no exceptions). Sales go to support their lobbying efforts.
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A local group has these signs which I like .

They won't ship but have downloadable pdf you can get printed locally.
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Here is an etsy shop where you can get a print of this phrase: In this house, we believe black lives matter, women's rights are human rights, no human is illegal, science is real, love is love and kindness is everything.
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I left my giant Obama sign up until this summer, and would have replaced it with a Clinton sign if I could have. I'm leaving the Hillary bumper stickers on my car. I want it known who I voted for.
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Oh wow! So, um, hi Metafilter! The North Park "Hate Has No Home Here" sign is the work of my neighborhood group. We've just finished 28 confirmed translations of the phrase and we have all of the graphics available for free (with conditions around use).

If you need any specific language combinations for your own community, please let us know via the FB page. Happy to help out.

Of course, the important work to be done happens beyond the sign/poster. One of the reasons that we are not centrally printing and shipping the posters is to encourage groups of neighbors in their local communities to meet each other and talk about what can combat hate crimes/intolerance in their own neighborhoods. We'll be launching our website soon. Our little neighborhood project grew more quickly than we ever imagined.

Metafilter rocks. As usual.
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