Looking for recommendations of non-horror films with similar scenes to
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the ones found in Prometheus and The Revenent. (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

See below for more details and requirements.


I'm after those tense scenes like the very close-to-the-action self-c-section scene in Prometheus or the bear scene from The Revenent.

Specifically looking for films with close-up scenes where the camera/the audience are not supposed to be observing—something voyeuristic.


  • Must not be a horror film/from horror-genre (Sci-Fi ok)
  • No sex scenes
  • Close-ups preferred, the closer to the action the better
  • Scene should be wide-angle, ~24mm or wider would be nice
  • Doesn't have to be a tense scene, it could just be a wide close-up of an action/a reveal that adds to the plot
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The shrapnel-removal scene in The Martian, perhaps?
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The auto-dentistry scene in Castaway?

There's a whole supercut of these kinds of scenes here, via WatchModo, if that's what you're after ...
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Maybe the No Country For Old Men self surgery scene?
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I'd recommend both of Jeremy Saulnier's films - Blue Ruin and Green Room
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Maybe not exactly the same thing, but the Bourne movies are filled with these kinds of scenes. The one set in Tangier is incredible.
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Backcountry, several first aid scenes, some more severe than others. I would preview it first if skinny dipping (nudity from behind) or heavy petting between the main couple are an issue. Only four speaking parts, plus one very aggressive black bear.

The Shallows, both surgery and veterinary attempts by a prospective doctor. Only eight actors, no sex scenes or nudity, but your mileage may vary on shark attacks and their aftermath.

Backcountry is definitely more realistic. The Shallows spends a lot of time focusing on Blake Lively's bikini, and the ending is... seriously? But I like all the Jaws reboots, even the last one with Michael Caine, so I have no taste.
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There's a scene in Tom Tykwer's The Princess and the Warrior where a character has to perform an emergency first aid surgical procedure on someone after a truck collision. It's strangely intimate. Tywker goes for the feeling of vulnerability and stillness in the moment rather than the tension of the emergency situation. It has stood out in my mind since I saw it when the film was new.

I don't remember whether there were sex scenes in the movie, but the scene I'm referring to is not a sex scene.
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