Tuxedos for women in Los Angeles
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I have a formal work thing coming up. We need to dress up, but neither of us wear dresses. I (female) am more femme than my spouse (also female), but not dress-wearing femme. The search for matching-ish tuxes has been harder than anticipated. We are open to both renting and buying. Where to go?
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Response by poster: Also, I requested help from a "personal stylist" from Macy's in Beverly Hills 2 days ago and got no response. So, I guess that's out.
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Are you set on wearing tuxedos? You can dress for a formal event in pants, with a dressy (beaded or some sparkle) sweater or tunic, or maybe a silk tuxedo blouse.
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Also, for a personal stylist, you're probably better off with Nordstrom.
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How much time do you have? There are many, many places in downtowns garment district that will tailor their suits to your needs
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How about Sharpe Suiting?
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If you're not set on tuxedos, there are lots of options. If your coworkers know you as not-a-dress-wearer they won't blink when you show up in sharp black pants and an elegant silk top with some cool jewelry.

(I've never been to a formal even where there wasn't a range of formality. Even this event that I was so worked up about, had plenty of women wearing dresses firmly in the cocktail category.)
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do you need particular size ranges, and is the dress code explicit about black tie/white tie or just "formal?" I think an incredibly well-cut black suit over a white shirt - Theory or Equipment classic silk shirt if it's in your budget, tuxedo shirt, or maybe a Brooks Brothers regular dress shirt if silk is not the look you're after -- is a lot easier to find, no more feminine than a tux if you don't want it to be, and honestly better looking (on everyone, not women specifically). but it depends whether you want a tux out of specific preference or because a regular very nice suit will not be acceptable for the event.

anyway I don't know the quality of this company but have you seen: https://www.littleblacktux.com/pages/about-us
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(Sorry, you specified LA and that probably means mail-order is not what you're after. But if you had time for ordering plus tailoring their prices are more reasonable than I would ever have expected.)
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Requisite Clothing is very clear that they do women's tuxedos all the time. I can't imagine that it's cheap but I'll bet they look spectacular!
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Nordstrom is currently the subject of a boycott, as they still carry Ivanka Trump brand merchandise, so you may wish to avoid them.

I'd really seriously considering buying from a place like Requisite that does custom tuxes for women. It'll be expensive, but it's an investment - and a custom-made tux from a competent tailor will make anyone look amazing.
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