Bag that is MOST SIMILAR to QueenBee Trucker bags?
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I have used QueenBee Trucker bags for years - but the price has gone up and the quality has gone down, with the latest bag having a fault in how it was made that caused it to disintegrate faster than it should. I am looking for a bag that is most like these bags, but not them. And cheaper than $170 would be swell. Some features I am looking for include...

Bag would hopefully be: pleather or a similar PVC or waterproof; 15" wide or larger; outer flap with inner pockets; the more pockets the better and awesome if they button, snap, or zipper closed; seatbelt strap STRONGLY preferred. Color is negotiable.

(These are cool from ThinkGeek - but I'm not a huge Star Trek fan - but those pockets are cool on the inside and that's the style of bag I like)

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
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How about Timbuk2 bags or Chrome bags? I linked to the basic messenger bag in both cases but there are lots of options. Are those in the right direction?
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Would a Rickshaw bag work? They don't have leather, but they do have tweed and houndstooth that both look a little fancier than a typical canvas/nylon messenger bag. And, mine has held up really well and been super durable.
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My Crumpler bags have worn like iron and have enough pockets to work for both travel and as a work bag.
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Maybe take a look at Vaya Bags? They are handmade and really really well made.
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The Maker's Bag from Tom Bihn, or some of their other ones.
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Definitely not cheaper, but so similar that I actually did a double-take are the messenger bags from Holly Aiken. They have the vinyl material and seat belt strap and are still hand made in North Carolina. They might be a little lacking on the pocket front, though. I just bought a non-messenger cross body from them and the vinyl is super-sturdy and the strap is great.
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Potentially Alchemy Goods, with a recycled bicycle inner tube aesthetic.
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CourierWare bags are the best bags.
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